Important Message from Ben and Toni

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  1. Well, d*mn... Guess it's a good thing I finally bought a chocolate Sam instead of waiting for my violet one but after I finally ordered a Maldives..... I might as well cancel the Ramone I ordered at New Years too so I can get a whole Groupon back :cursing:

    I keep wondering why this took so long

    To our amazing customers--

    Ben and I would like to update everyone with the status of our nylon travel items.

    Many of you have been waiting for your Hayden-Harnett nylon travel bags on pre-order for some time now...waiting for something you really, want or need, can be a frustrating process. I really understand a fellow shopper, I feel your pain. I still dream of a certain beyond fantastic bracelet (on super sale!) that a particularly chic retailer oversold and didn't ship me after I had tracked down my prey for months.

    This is what's going on with our nylon production as of today...everything de-mystified:

    After trying for a long time to resolve the situation with our nylon production, we have run into insurmountable problems getting a timely delivery of the product or a clear and reasonable timeline when we can provide the product. Additionally, making nylon bags requires large minimum orders from our manufacturers. Instead of continuing to struggle with this on a daily basis, we have elected to make a major change.

    We have decided to move the production of our travel collection to a local Brooklyn manufacturer as of this week.

    It took some time to make this decision, but as a small independent fashion company in a very tough economy, we simply cannot afford the high minimums that nylon bag production requires. The above said, we have decided to produce our travel collection in Brooklyn and also there may be some changes to materials. Possibly we will change the line to a more eco-friendly canvas with leather trim. All pending orders for our nylon travel bags will be canceled as of today since the product/materials will be changing.

    This will take some time to get started, but we're hoping to have our new PROUDLY made in the USA, (heck, made in BROOKLYN!) travel collection ready to unveil by early summer. We are also revamping the line a bit to improve product...update things a bit. Freshen up the look. Maybe make things a bit more boy-friendly. I've been promising Ben a bag since April of 2005, so maybe he'll finally get his wish with our new travel collection.

    We would like to apologize for your wait and also I want to thank you for your understanding and patience with Hayden-Harnett's shipping delays this past season as we weather through some changes in our production and business model that will ultimately better the entire collection.

    Ben & Toni
  2. ^I got that too. What a bunch of BS. Where is my refund then??? H0w long will my refund take?? Unreal HH! I am sorry, but sooo not excited about your new eco-friendly made in Brooklyn line. Also, they knew about this for a while and used our money to get this going. If these things are to be ready by spring, then the planning has been going on for quite some time.
  3. :Push: That sucks. I'm sorry for all of you who've been waiting. :sad: Guess I will hold onto my two nylon items afterall.
  4. I guess I've missed my chance for a chocolate bleeker...or sam wallet...ugh.
  5. Yes, that's the other thing now...forget getting a good deal on the Maldives etc any where else....
  6. I am pissed. I feel so lied to. They have known about this for a while. They should have told us as soon as they realized they could no longer afford to produce these. Instead they continued to take orders and our money. Ben wanted a bag though, so we should all understand! WTF?????? I would not be surprised if I had to wait forever for this refund. I am already waiting on $300 for the wrong bag that I had to return....that was a month ago. My fault for them sending me the wrong bag. What nerve of me to return it! This is lame. They should have got honest w/ us months ago. They hinted at the problems then and they didn't just come to this decision if they plan on debuting the line in a few months,
  7. Uh huh. And what about all the non-nylon items that are still back ordered? Everything is not de-mystified.
  8. ^^right. I love how they try to compare us w/ their cuff situation. This is not the only pre-order nightmare we are dealing with. What about the rest of the fall bags and cuffs. what about the 25% chance of ordering something and getting the call of doom?????
  9. i'm really kicking myself for not grabbing one on bay/bonz...:mad:
  10. What are they going to offer us????? Let me guess, NOTHING??? A lame belated excuse!
  11. okay, i don't curse, but i want to now. what the...!!!!!
  12. Ok I'm more than a little peeved. I've been waiting for my bedford for awhile (not as long as some) I got a GREAT deal during the spooky for 60% off plus free shipping. are they planning on honoring that price with the new Eco friendly blah blah blah! & What is going to happen now because I used a groupon on that order???? They going to put $70 bucks back on a groupon? No thanks!

    That is all fine and dandy they think they can waltz in and say some BS story and expect us to be happy that they are making "some" changes.

  13. In the same batch of e-mails I got a $5 coupon from a department store to apologize for any inconvenience from shopping there on Sunday....the thing is I wasn't there on Sunday but apparently they sent it to everyone on their e-mail list. THAT'S customer service, not a way late pseudo-apology.

    And oh goodie, Ben can get his long-promised least someone is.
  14. I don't like being fed BS and being treated like a dummy. They should honor our bags w/ replacements of our choice, but that would be the fair and honest, right thing to do.
  15. I'm so sorry ladies- that's just awful.... Ben gets what he wants and we, loyal customers, don't get anything.

    Are they going to cancel our biblios and cuffs too???
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