IMPORTANT message about birthdays on the PF!

  1. I blinked :wtf: a couple of times to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me and broke into a huge goofy grin.

    In the user CP area under Edit Profile just now I found this little gem:

    Please contact the Administrator if your date of birth has changed.

    :roflmfao: :wtf::roflmfao:

    Vlad? You've GOT to be behind that fabulous little tidbit. :lol: THANKS

    Your date of birth and age are displayed in several places on the forum. Only the administrator will have access to your date of birth should you choose to hide it via the privacy option below.
    Please contact the Administrator if your date of birth has changed.
  2. Hum... uhm... wtf?

    Mine did! I woke up this morning and I'm magically 24 again!!!
  4. Vald- did you change that because I just looked and I don't see it.
    I copied the text above directly from the User CP>Profile
    I thought it was funny.......
  5. HAHAHAHA just in case you realized you were lying... hummm... Yes let us know if your birthday changes- HAHA
  6. Lol Interesting. That Made Me Giggle A Bit.
  7. Lol!!!
  8. Excellent! Can you change it on my driver's license too? Please!!!
  9. Yes my birthday will change the day I turn 29...from then on my birth year will go up so that I REMAIN 29. ROFL

    Too funny!
  10. :cool: :yahoo: AND Jill will be 21 FOREVER........LMAO!!!!!!
  11. wow that's too funny, yeah I'll be 28 forever.
  12. I'd sure as hell like to change mine!!!!!!
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