IMPORTANT lv shoe size conversion

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  1. im getting these lv shoes online, and my average heel size is nine, so is there any conversion i need, because its pretty urgent. i dont have time to try on some heels at lv...
  2. I think you're about a size 37. I wear 37.5 and the length of my shoes are 9.5in.
  3. yeah, but do they run small or anything??
  4. depends on each shoe. but all mine fit the same. i think it depends on how wide your foot is.
  5. I am US size 8 but take size 39 in LV and CHANEL shoes. I hope this helps.
  6. worked. the fake advertiser died. hoooray!!!
  7. a size 9 is 39 lv size
  8. ok.
    thank you guys!!!
  9. Oh, I hope you see this...39 is not a nine. As Irene said 39 is closer to 8. I wear a 7.5 -8 and I run 38 -39 sepending on the style....most of time 39. LV does say that is a 9, but it is not.

    I would get a 40 for a 9. JMHO
  10. im getting 39.5 or 40.... depends what comes in...
  11. Doesn't LV have their own sizing for their shoes?

    I usually say: Can I get these shoes in size xxx LV please?
  12. im not sure if they will even come in, but just in case anyone wants to know,
    they are the multicolor jessica pumps on karen koopers site, shes getting them in soon...

    and they're mine. :smile:
  13. I usually wear a 39 in european sizes but in LV take a 40
  14. I think they run about one size too small.