Important info from hermes craftsman at nyc store

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  1. Dear All,
    I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with one of the craftsman in NYC. I asked him the following question: has anyone ever broken the toggle closure off of their kelly? (gravely fearing that if i continue to weigh mine down that mine would snap off too)

    he said that he has seen broken toggles, he has even seen bent toggles - to one side or the other (this did not help my fear at all)

    here was his advice: 1.) do not hang your lock on the toggle - be it kelly or birkin - it adds extra weight
    2.) when closing kelly - equally distribute weight by closing both straps as not to bend the toggle to one side or the other
    i just thought i would share this info with all of you
  2. Thank you KittyKelly - that's a great reminder!
  3. Thanks will bear it in mind!
  4. Thanks - that's good advice.
  5. What concerns me is this advice: "1.) do not hang your lock on the toggle"

    Aren't the locks meant to hang on the toggle? Shouldn't the toggle be strong enough to accommodate the lock? Hermes has a whole assortment of cadenas. This confuses me.
  6. My local craftsman has also advised closing the straps.
  7. i think you are suppose to hang the lock off the clochette or perhaps on the clasp. i can not actually say that i know anyone who locks their kelly - seems a bit impractical to me. anyway, i am just relaying word for word his advice
  8. Good to know, thanks for posting! I always wear my kelly with the straps hanging down and just closing the flap with the toggle, guess I need to stop doing that!
  9. makes sense. and besides, even if there's a place for a lock there, maybe the bag design became too popular way before they discovered the functional flaw, and it's too late to make changes because people like the Kelly/Birkin as it is.
  10. That is what I do, I use it on the clochette instead of the original lock. You could also attach it from one of the base handle rings. In fact, I used to tie the clochette onto itself on one side and attach the lock on the other. I don't like putting it on the turn clasp because it limits your in/out and locking the bag. Also, you could damage the leather and plate behind the cadena.
  11. I was advised to at minimum close the straps on to the toggle under flap if I don't want to mess with the straps, instead of letting the straps fly. The straps really do affect the integrity of the bag, they aren't just for show which is what I thought at first.

    Also, the craftsperson always puts the lock on the handle rings after cleaning any Kelly for me.
  12. Could you post a picture of that? I'm a bit confused here.....
  13. can anyone tell me if there toggle has broken from not closing the kelly with both straps? or is this just preventative advice
  14. I have a Kelly from 1991 that I have used quite a lot, and at a certain point I noticed that the toggle was very slightly bent (I never closed the straps). Since then, I always close AT LEAST one of the two straps, so that some pressure is lifted from the toggle; if one closes both straps it's obviously better!
  15. thanks for all the great advise and share your experience! Duna do you close your flap if you close your straps? I think I need to start doing what you have suggested... Thanks.