important info about the chanel sale at saks

  1. so this morning i got the pink/black pochette that I ordered from the CT store...with MARKS on it!!! I was so pissed off, she didnt include the correct box or authenticity card, So I took it to my local Saks and ventured into there "secret room" where they carry alot of high end bags ( why they have a room, i dont know)..but I saw they had gotten alot of new chanel pink black cambon bags so I was sad that they had the bowler and that I wasnt able to find one when it was on I dared to ask if it was marked down and she told me...

    "the chanel cambon items in pink/black and khaki/black are permanently marked down"

    so yeah technically the sale ended on saturday, but they were told to mark down those items FOREVER..until stock has been depleated..I was estatic because I kept thinking "wow, i have to post this on PF" :lol: :lol:

    so If you missed the sale, nows your chance!!!
  2. Cool, thanks for sharing! Now if I could just find a beige/black bowler!:smile:
  3. i wonder are they going to discontinue the pink/ black and beige/black hence the "permanent markdown"? or the whole cambon line will be discontinued after stocks are finished already?
  4. hehe I have a khaki/black bowler im going to list on ebay once this sale madness clams down!
  5. I was at NM (short Hills) yesterday and they had all the pink/black laid out on a counter and they were all marked down. They had quite a few of them. I don't recall seeing the beige. But, I was wanting the white tote and I can't find that anywhere.
  6. do all Saks have a "private room?" my local Saks doesnt carry chanel, so i'm wondering if maybe it has a private room somewhere :yes: also, how does one get into the "private room?"
  7. Oh, that's good news! Thanks for posting!
  8. what you are talking about I THINK is
    When I go to saks I have a consultant that HELPS me shop and they show me the GOODIES that are in this room and give me some wine & cheese ...They have stuff in the rooms that are not on the floor...;)
  9. im honestly not even sure why my saks has a private room, they have more then enough room to accomodate there bags downstairs with the rest of the hanbags, but they put the fendi, prada, gucci, chanel etc all upstairs in a makeshit "little boutqiue" that once was a dressing room/vanity room of sorts with long mirrors everywhere and a tailoring area etc. they also keep some things in clear glass cases, ive been going there for over 3 yrs and she recently told me about it LOLLLL.
    I never asked about chanel etc before because i never saw them, until i casually asked an SA about it and she said "oh we have some upstairs, let me show you"...interesting. lol.

    needless to say, I did end up buying the pink/black bowling bag at discount price.:love:
  10. lol, could be...I dont have a saks card, but alot of the SAs there know me because i go in everytime im in town and buy alot of chanel glasses and shoes etc. :lol:
  11. aww you're on a handbag roll pgurl! =)

    ack, now I'm so tempted to get a pink/black bowler. I dont think I need 3 bowlers though...!
  12. Nice buy on the bowler. My NM had a bunch of pink cambon stuff on sale too -- totes, bowler, etc.
  13. This is great info. Since the mixup with my tote, maybe I have some hope to find my large one while still maintaining the discounted price.
  14. Has anyone seen any cambon wallets or ballet flats left anywhere? Either Saks or NM?? Please let me know!!
  15. Which Saks have these secret rooms? And in DC or South Florida? I need to know!!!:graucho: