Important for earring and back to be of the same metal?

  1. Hello! Due to smart advice from this forum I've taken my platinum diamond studs to the jeweler to have them convert the original back to a screwback. They don't really work with platinum, I'm told, so they're going to put 18K white gold backs on platinum. Do you think this is a good idea? Should I find another jeweler who will do plainum (even though it might be hard)? Thank you!
  2. it should be fine:yes:
    my wedding ring is white gold w/ platinum prongs.
  3. I cannot imagine that it would make any difference unless you have some allergies to gold. :smile:
  4. Phew! Thanks!
  5. the difference is platinum is too soft of a metal for a screwback. it would actually be a sign of a bad jeweler if you could find one that would do it for you. stick with the 18kt gold. if you really like the platinum, you can leave the prong setting and just change the post.
  6. ^^ Oh really? Didn't know that! I thought platinum was harder than gold.. does it matter if it's 14K or 18K gold?