Important choice for me!

  1. Which one? The HH is more than the Botkier but looks really good, shades of Balenciaga?
    175_0_botlbiancacvs.jpg pm_can_wht_zoom.jpg
  2. 2nd one!!
  3. Hmmmm, I don't like that HH bag. Does look like a B-Bag. I love HH but some of their Spring bags turn me off big time :sad:
  4. The HH is cute but what kind of material is that? Looks kinda weird to me? I would go for the botkier.
  5. 1st one :yes:
  6. Definitely the Botkier-the HH isn't as nice looking IMO:yes:
  7. I like the Botkier. I think the HH is way too big for that color. It does a resemble a B-bag a bit, but a B-bag is just not as duffle-bag looking.
  8. [​IMG]

    i'll go for this :
    i agree it had shades of balenciaga, but it's pretty nonetheless

  9. Good choice!!!!!!!!
  10. I think the Botkier is gorgeous. I love the color and looks like it could be dressed up or even great with jeans! I love it. :love:
  11. I like the Botkier better.
  12. I like the botkier better as well...
    The HH looks like a BBag replica which makes me shy away from it..
  13. I have to say that I prefer older seasons of HH. It seems to me that the most recent season is trying to emulate Chloe or Balenciaga or Kooba. I wish they stuck to what was true to them. So, I would say in this case, I'd go with the first one only for originality. If it was between Balenciaga and the second, I'd just go with Balenciaga. Good Luck, Sweets!
  14. I actually like the HH better. The botkier bianca is too all-over-the-place, pretty as it is.
  15. i agree. the bianca is a pretty bag, it's actually the one bag that got me into designer bags (or more correctly, indie designer bags), but i never bought one. there are too many replicas out there and i just rather buy a bag that is unique and less copied.

    the HH looks like it'd be good for the S/S.