1. Bagluv seems to have dropped off the planet. I'm hoping she just has computer problems, but she had all the info on who's coming next Saturday. She and I were working on this together, but she had the list of members coming and all the details.

    I need everyone that's planning to attend next Saturday, January 27, to please send me a PM so I can pick up where Bagluv left things with me. Again, hopefully she's only having computer problems, but there were some details yet to be settled and the clock is ticking!

    Thanks everyone!:flowers:
  2. I Am Right Here! Thank You For Thinking & Worrying About Me!!! You Know I Love You Prada!!!

    I Have Everyone's Information & We Should Be Fine & Up To Date.

    Talk To You In A Little Bit.
  3. Hello! Prada Psycho Has All The Information Pertaining To Saturday's Event. Anything You Need Please Contact Her.

    Thank You So Much!!! :smile:
  4. I sent a PM out this morning to everyone that bagluv had on her list. If you haven't received a PM from me today or if you are interested but not on the original list, please sent me a PM so I can get our lunch reservations set up.

    See everyone on Saturday!:yahoo:
  5. this meet is over..yes?
  6. yes, jill.