Important call from outlet

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  1. I 3rd the motion! I have been going to Lebanon Outlet for a few months now, but I don't really know any of the employees that well. They recognize me when I come in there, but I didn't know if they were just giving me the run around b/c they didn't know me that well or what! Which one is Tonya? Dark hair ponytail, teased in the back a little with black liquid eyeliner? She seems to be "managerial". Anyhoo, I want me a freakin Sabrina, darnit! We three should meet at Lebanon Outlet sometime and protest, lol!

  2. You know, I moved to NJ in '92, so I've been away from TN for a while. I did live in Nashville for a bit because I attended Vanderbilt a couple of years before moving here to I definitely got around. Great place!! :tup: But hey, I'm biased! :P

    I actually have no idea about your outlets. I was only at the Lebanon outlet recently (end of Dec/early Jan) because my mom still lives there (she needs to be in assisted living, and is fighting me on that and coming anywhere near NJ..I'm an only child!). So I've only quickly been to the Lebanon outlet a couple of times, and I have to be honest and say that I was not that impressed with the staff there either time. I found a couple of the girls to be a bit rude, which is surprising given that it's there, but I just find them to be a thousand times nicer and more helpful in PA. Of course at any outlet many/most are fairly clueless on retail stock and related questions as a general rule.

    So, needless to say I didn't really ask too many questions at Lebanon because I kind of felt shot down... and since I had to fly back, I didn't want to buy too much!:P I didn't even ask anything about Sabrinas at that time. I was looking for some of the Hamptons vintage stuff and a few other smaller items.

    I do know that some of the PA outlets got some Sabrinas just shortly after Xmas, and they had them in the back. The manager said they couldn't sell them till they were off the website. Other SAs at other outlets were even inquiring because as you can imagine, they want to get their hands on them too. I believe someone posted on here that they overheard a SA saying she bought one from Lancaster (they have/had the most in PA), so TBH, I doubt there are many left. That and the fact they sometimes offer some items to certain customers no matter what the rules are. I do think there will be more to come, but when, I don't know. RIght now I think it's stock that's just based on returns and display bags...that can add up to quite a few bags just from that.

    I remember that it was a long time before the Carlys started showing up because they were so popular in retail and they could hang on to them longer. But now the situation with the economy, etc has my guess is more and more items will continue to flood the outlets despite that they claim the contrary. They were supposed to start holding stuff for a few months starting the first of the year, but just look at the resort stuff that's already there, for ex.. I purchased most of my resort stuff at the boutique during the last two PCEs Nov. and Dec! I really think most deletes will still be transferred quickly.

    What I usually do (after shooting myself in the foot over the atlantic lily :Push:smile: is if it's something I really want, I will purchase it at the boutique or dept store. I used to always wait it out and hope I would find the item, but as we know, a few items just don't make it to the outlets, or they don't make it in mass. So then I started going the other direction and bought too much at fp for a while. I used to use the item right away, but now I have exerted control and I wait (if I've paid full price) to use it till PCE rolls around, and I do a price adjustment. If they ever stop allowing that price adjustment, then I will probably just return the bag unless it's one I absolutely have to have. I definitely won't shoot myself in the foot again, but I'm just trying to see if I can save as much money as possible. I buy a lot of bags, though...I can't afford to pay full price really and keep at the same buying level, so I have to bargain shop, sell more of my older bags, or just not buy if I can't accomplish the other two...

    I really would be tempted to just buy at PCE and then wait it out. I'm not sure how many Sabrinas your outlet would get, but I can call one of my SAs and have them do an inventory check on the TN outlets to see. All of the outlets can search nationwide, and if they have scanned the bags in, they will show up as inventory whether they are out on the floor or not. Some bags they keep in the back anyway, especially if they are afraid they will get damaged on the shelf or they are not discounted beyond the factory price and 20% off... Most of these are fp bags that have not been deleted from the website.
  3. baglady39, it would be great if you would have your SA do an inventory check. Us Nashville ladies would really appreciate that. I am going to buy a Sabrina with my PCE and just hold on to it.
  4. ^^ Ok, I'm not sure she's back yet from vacation, but as soon as I can reach her, I will ask for the updates and inventory check. I will post when I find out anything!
  5. I'm really worried about the storgae issue down in Orlando -- no matter how climate controlled a storage room is, the humidity is a KILLER down here. I'd be really worried about the Sabrina hardware if they don't keep them in their dustbags and then inside a storage box. I've had issues even in my climate-controlled closet with no windows.
  6. and since they are taking the dustbags out and not even selling the transfers with dustbags.... you know they are just sitting in the back in their cardboard shipping boxes... with no TLC....
  7. Well, it looks like I find might never get "the call" from my local outlet for the Sabrinas as my SA informed me this evening that they received an e-mail from Coach Corp. stating that the outlets aren't allowed to sell any Sabrinas until further notice; they're keeping them hostage for the time being :cry:
  8. Yep that's the general rule they are saying, hopefully it's sooner than later!

    Baglady, if you could have your SA check the stock here in good ole Nashville, we would GREATLY appreciate it!

  9. I'm TOTALLY with you Runner22!!! We both shop the same outlet and I called a few months ago (can't remember what bag I was hunting) but I was told THEN that the client tracker was for things they usually carry and get in on the regular just like Runer said! I'm tired of this! I really feel like it depends on the store and that shouldn't be!!! The are afterall CORPORATE!!! I am also not allowed to do ANY holding of any clearance merchandise OR EVER a charge-hold!!! They did it for me a couple of times RIGHT when I started shopping with them...then they put a quick HAULT to it! I guess they know they've got me now and I'll drive the hour and a half to see what they've got! This really is good sales strategy for them! I will NEVER make the drive and not buy anything so by not letting me hold they know I'll make extra trips hopeing to find my "gem" and if I don't get lucky I'll still make extensive purchases!!!
    ****I would also like to state that EVERYTIME I asked to put an item on hold I was there in the required amount of time and PURCHASED what I asked them to hold!!!

    CraZY!!!! :tdown::tdown:
  10. baer...I meant to tell you that yes, that's Tanya. She's been there since they opened the store in 97. Jennifer is #1 and Tanya is her assistant or associate (?). They're both very nice. Under them is Rhonda, takes care of the floorsets. Dan...(he's real nice...just not bag/accessory knowledgeable!). And I think Bridget is the other "managerial." Linda is one of the great SAs that is so sweet to call if she knows what you are looking for. Personally, I think everyone that works there is nice. When I go I plan extra time so I can hang around and chat. I think we all three need to meet there sometime! "BRING THOSE SABRINAS OUT!!!" :crybaby:
  11. ^I mean the least they could do is let us see the beauties! I understand they can't sell them yet but let me see what I will get! :rolleyes::roflmfao: