Important call from outlet

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  1. Don't worry I won't be back. I thought this would be a good place to find out about new bags, not b**** and moan!!!
  2. Bummer that they are doin this now.
    Myself and another TPFer (who I finally had the pleasure of meeting today) are going to primm outlet in the morning, so one of us will be sure to give an update on all the goods they might have!! :tup:
  3. WOW! :wtf: :crybaby::tdown:

  4. We require all members to be respectful to one another....this is your last warning.
  5. come on back, just choose to participate in threads that are better suited for you :idea:
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    How do you expect members of a hand bag forum to respect you or even provide you with hand bag information if you insult them? I'm sure that with you owning five Coach bags, that you'd be considered as having a hand bag obsession by others as well.
  7. Wow. Some people amaze me. I guess tact just isn't valued anymore!
  8. :back2topic:
  9. (Regarding the link above) They've been saying this so long I no longer believe it! Two years ago I was told all the high end bags at FP would only be made in a certain quantity, and once they were gone, they'd be gone. They WOULD NOT go to outlet. So, I bought Legacy and Hampton Vintage bags at FP...wouldn't you know it...they all ended up at outlet! The truth is, we all know generally only a handful end up at the outlet. With the patent Peyton, only 4 (3 red/1 black) ended up at my outlet. I know all the mgrs and SAs, I called everyday, they know I like these types of bags and I was one of the lucky ones to get a red and a black. When sales pretty much stop on a bag/line, they have to pull it and move on to something else that will bring buyers in. What are they going to do with those bags left over??? Throw them away?!! My bet is they'll keep scattering them throughout the outlets. A person either buys a bag right away at FP and gets the joy of being one of the first to have the "hot bag" or you wait and hope to get one at an outlet or ebay at a cheaper price and enjoy your savings. I've done both. About the Sabrinas, Coach does not want to turn loose of the "deleted" ones, it's a hot bag and will encourage people to wait and hope to get it at the outlets. So, they'll sit in the back room until they see the sales curve heading down in FP, make as much as they can with the PCE (and, yes, we know they're still making money!) and then turn loose of the few scattered throughout the outlets. I've decided if I want one I'll probably break down and buy it with my PCE...maybe!
  10. TillyTally, I live in the Nashville TN area, I love Coach bags, but I don't think I have a crazy obsession. I enjoy interacting with everyone here, enjoy sharing my new Coach bags and accessories, and get great pleasure from seeing everyone elses new Coach bags and accessories. This is a great forum.
  11. ^^ Brahh, I'm originally from Nashville and grew up in the Hendersonville area. I just live in Jersey now. :P The Green Hills boutique was the first place I saw the Parker pilots at, and fortunately, the Lebanon outlet had the large plum Carly when I was there...I missed it around here!

    Some outlets have sold the Sabrinas. I was offered two of them in the small size a few weeks ago. It's really hit or miss, but my guess is that whatever stock they had, the SAs have bought and/or they allowed certain customers to purchase the bags....despite the indefinite hold, which was sent to them via email. The client tracker will probably never work because once they decide to get rid of what they have in the back, they probably won't bother to look at the list because the items have already been scanned into inventory, etc. I doubt most outlets will bother to check the client tracker. For what it's worth, I was not on the list for these two Sabrinas when the SA asked me if I wanted them! So in a lot of cases... and for multiple reasons..the client tracker doesn't work anyway! As Bunny mentioned, it's definitely best if you can get a SA/manager to watch out for the bags you are looking for and call you!
  12. I agree, baglady39. That's why I call everyday if I know (or think) there's certain bags out there. And, I keep contact with the SAs at my outlet. I know over December they said things were so crazy they didn't have time to look at client tracker...they just put the stuff out on the shelves. I will say, the Lebanon outlet is really sticking to the "daily" emails about not selling the Sabrinas until notified. I still keep calling though...but my patience is growing thin...especially with this PCE card!
  13. ^^ Yeah, one of the small Sabrinas they brought out to me looked pretty bad, no packing materials and very beat was an espresso one. If they keep them in the back for too long, no telling what they will end up looking like! I don't mind quite as much on PCE, especially if you really want the bag! For me it's sometimes trade off between the extra cost and aggravation...kwim??

    You could always purchase on PCE and just not use the bag for a while...see what happens!
  14. baglady39, I signed off then thought again about what you said. You obviously know Green Hills and Lebanon. TN Girl, huh! I've been shopping at Lebanon since they opened in 1997 (?) and Tonya's been there since they opened. Jennifer is the head mgr and I can't picture her going against emails from corporate. I feel pretty good that if they had some Sabrinas to sell someone would call me. But after your post I wanted to you think or know if Lebanon is selling any Sabrinas? I have been calling and going there and so has JEH. Are we doing the best we can? Do you think corporate will let them turn loose of the Sabrinas that are on their "discontinued" (?) list alot sooner than July 1st? You seem to know the inside system better than the rest of us. Thanks.
  15. Good questions for Baglady, Brahh, hopefully she'll respond soon. And I'm just praying for the day my phone rings and it's Tonya!!!