Important call from outlet

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  1. I called nearly every day this summer when I was looking for something.
    They def got annoyed.
    One girl added a sarcastically chipper "talk to you soon" before she said goodbye.

    Yeah, Carrie.
    F'ed up is right.
    I was just being "polite".

    Why does Coach act like everything's a secret?
    I ALWAYS see SAs (outlets) whispering, looking in books, pointing, etc.
    Everything is a freaking secret....or so they think!
  2. Then I guess alot of us will be getting "talk to you soon"!!!! If a bag is pulled from and FP...then there's a good chance it's already gone from the outlets!! :confused1: Seems to me if the "colors" are pulled, that should be good enough!
  3. If a SA would have said that to me over the phone it would have been ON!
    I would be calling and pestering them 10 times a day for a snide little comment like that.
    Not to mention I would have reported her chipper a** to JAX for that comment as well.

    I wasnt! Call it like you see it.
    Yep, ITA. Everything is always shrouded in secrecy.
  4. WTF?? I just got a call this afternoon from my local outlet about the Heritage stripe bag that I was listed for in Client Tracker. I'll give them a call later tonight to find out what they've heard from Coach Corp. regarding the "new" Client Tracker policy and also to double check on the Sabrinas.
  5. Ooooh, let us know what you find out!

  6. I was told that today as well.:confused1:
  7. ITA! Although, that's dumb, b/c if that's what they (the company powers-that-be) are trying to do, then why send the FP bags to the outlet at all?!?!?!?!
  8. OK, my local Coach outlet has confirmed that I'm still listed in their Client Tracker database for the large Sabrina. Per the SA, they have no idea when or whether they'll be receiving a shipment of Sabrinas. I asked if I could call back and inquire about the Sabrinas every couple of days or so and the SA stated that that wouldn't be a problem. Based on the conversation, I didn't want to "rock the boat' so to speak and therefore didn't mention or ask about the "new" Client Tracker policy that was just announced by Coach Corp.
  9. It's not like they ever called me about anything on my client tracker list anyway... :rolleyes:
  10. You got that right Tara!
  11. Exactly my thoughts when I read this. Client tracker worked for me maybe once!:tdown:
  12. It sounds like a good idea. Normal people like me who go to an outlet actually have a chance at getting the new bags. I only have five Coach bags and like to think I have the same shot as people with a crazy obsession(that probably need mental help). I shop at the stores in TN and GA and always have excellent service.
  13. reported!

  14. Let's be respectful to everyone, please!