Important call from outlet

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  1. I don't know if this has been brought up, but today I got a call from my outlet that I frequent, and they've been told the new rule is "only factory items can be put in client tracker." I said, "wow, that means we'll have to call everyday now." She said, "yes, I guess you're right...not good for us." I said "so that means Peytons, Sabrinas, etc. are no longer in client tracker for all of us that called in." "Yes, that's what it means." So, TPFers, I'd say it's even more important that we let each other know what's going on in each of our outlets...and call our outlets when we're looking for something. And, also, make sure to let your favorite SA at the outlet know what you're looking for and to please call you. Sure makes things harder, doesn't it!:crybaby:
  2. ^^^Well that's dumb!!! Why the hell would you call about factory items? The have tons of those. Wow...that stinks. Good to know though, thanks brahh! Well I guess it's good we still have tPFer!
  3. Well, if not on here, just gives us reason to make better friends and acquaintances with some of the staff at the outlets we frequent so they will feel inclined to call you if they see something, client tracker registered or not!
  4. Wow what's up with that??
  5. I was actually told that same thing, that this was standard practice (not putting FP bags in client tracker) by a district manager a few months back. She said if they were doing it, they weren't suppose to be. I asked why and she said because if they allowed that, nobody would ever buy fullprice. Well duh, as baglady39 put it, it's not like we don't already know where the bags go once they are deleted from the boutique.

    I just kind of chuckled at her and thought about the probably 50+ FP bags I am in the tracker for already.

    Why would you want to put yourself in client track for an outlet bag? It is not like they are in short supply ever. Heh.
  6. That has not happened around here yet. In fact, I got a call tonight for two bags I was on the list for, and I also updated it with something else. Might be trickling down, or it might be based on the DM for the area. There's nothing consistent about Coach but the inconsistencies!!

    Yes, personal "client trackers" can work just as well. The official ones don't always work in some cases anyway. I mostly operate off of SA/manager client trackers anyway, and so far I've been able to get what I'm dying to get. At least right now, there's not a lot of FP stuff that grabs me, so I won't feel a huge pressure when it comes to outlet time!!
  7. Their corporate mindset is often quite odd.
  8. UGHH are you kidding me? That's ridiculous. Sorry but that really has me heated up. I'm going to call in later and talk to Tonya and let her know specifically that I'd like to be called about Sabrina's if they ever stop holding them hostage.
  9. unbelievable!!! i don't understand what's happening with coach. The client tracker has never worked with me so far, not sure why, but it's still stupid of coach to take off the fp store items, bkz that's the only reason we are calling in- in the first place! Now they're phones are gonna be up and running from opening to closing- nonstop...
  10. I have to say this sure bums me out! Now it's so much harder to get your hands on a FP bag you're wanting and waiting for at the outlet. Sounds like something [the company] would do to try to keep us shopping at FP and only think of the outlets as shopping for factory bags...what do you all think!!!!!
  11. Tonya's at lunch right now but will be returning shortly. I spoke with Dan...but am going to call back shortly to speak with Tonya. This really stinks, doesn't it!

  12. I would take it a step beyond that and say that it is completely F'ed !!!!!!
    A bunch of Einsteins are working at Coach corporate.....:rolleyes:

    Mores the reason to get yourself a favorite outlet SA and have them call you.
    I really do feel sorry for the outlet SAs, because their phone is going to be ringing off the hook due to this Corporate stroke of genius idea/rule.
    Hopefully the SAs will complain about this to management and their managers will complain about it to the DMs and it will get changed back to the way it was.
    :idea: I say make the DMs answer the phones at the outlet for an entire day hahaha!

    If this is the new "rule" then they should just do away with the Client Track 'system' altogether!
    It was pretty much useless before, and now it is totally useless!

    :tdown::tdown::tdown: BOO HISS ON YOU COACH, YET AGAIN! :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  13. I just called the outlet to talk with Tonya (mgr). She basically said, until a line is completely pulled from, the company doesn't want items put in client track (and loading it up). So I said that means until the Sabrina is completely pulled and no longer at FP, then we can call and be put in Client Track. She said right. I had called this morning and asked to have the Atlantic Peyton put in Client Track for me, and she said since it's still on-line, it can't go in Client Track. She said when the Peytons are gone on-line, then call and I can be put on Client Track. (I figure they'll all be gone by then!!!) So, this completes the story!
  14. Grrrr! I spoke with Dan earlier, but I'm not that familiar with all the employees. I'm still going to call every day! If sales are down, they need to go ahead and start selling them!
  15. Well it's no big deal to me. I've never been allowed to be put on the client tracker for "anything that they don't usually get in, only stuff they usually carry, aka factory bags." :cursing:

    I always hated calling everyday trying to find a platinum Bridgit but still never found one.