IMPORTANT! Balenciaga colour and hardware

  1. Hi girls!

    An important question,cause I want at rose or pink balenciaga with gold hardware,but I don´t know if they exsist.

    I found an pic from a balenciaga with and gold hardware here at the forum. This on this real,look here the pic with the green bag.(1)

    And that one I want in rose or pink. Can I get that one?
    Which colours are available with this gold hardware and where can I see pics.

    I found an fake bag with an gold hardware and the colour that I want. Dont know how to call the colour,is it rose?? Is this colour in real available?? See the pic with the rose bag. (2)

    Please help.
    Thank u so much.
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. The pink one is definitely fake. There were no pink bags made with GH in the spring/summer '07 collection.
  3. And in older collection???
    I dont need an actuell collection. It doesnt matter which collection,can be very very old,but I want an rose or pink with gold hardware or an hardware that looks like gold,dont know which material it is.
  4. S/S 07 was the very *first* season that gold hardware was used by Balenciaga. And no pinks were included in that collection. So you will not find *any* authentic pinks or roses with gold hardware at the moment. There is a rouge color that will be introduced this fall, and will probably be available with FH. But no one has heard of any pinks or roses coming up in the near future.

    By the way, you can use the "Authenticate This Balenciaga" subforum for posts like this in the future.
  5. Sorry, pink and gold hardware does not exist :sad: yet! But maybe they will come out with something like that someday :yes:

    Actually, I think there is a magenta special edition coming out but I don't think it will be made with GH, or will it? Maybe the gals here can give you more info on upcoming styles but as for past seasons, there was no pink/GH combo, I'm afraid. :push:
  6. NextNew is right! Balenciaga NY is releasing a special imited edition magenta bag with regular, gold, or silver hardware. Only 200 total will be released and you need to get your name on that waitlist if you want one. They may already be sold out by now, I'm not sure....?
  7. This is sorta what the Magenta with gold may look like (although it will be the City size, not Part Time as shown)...thank you to toni22 for the photoshopping:
  8. Thank u so much for your help
  9. But which colours come with gold hardware??
  10. fiat- that bag is stunning.
  11. If you go to you will see the '07 colour swatches. Those are the only ones so far made with gold hardware:smile: