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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am coming in here to let you all know that there have been many reported and way too many issues going on in this sub forum. I have had to close some threads this morning, and I am sure there would be many others that need to be closed that I have missed.

    This sub forum was started for Tokidoki lovers. It was started for you all to talk about your love of this brand. If it gets off topic, people are mean, people are harassing others, people are cursing, etc, this forum can and will be shut down. We have had to shut down Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Hermes before, and we would not hesitate here if we had to.

    Please keep in mind that anything you say on the internet you are held accountable for.

    We will be looking into finding a moderator for this forum- to keep all threads in the right areas and all members on track. In the mean time, please make sure you are trying to post threads in the right areas (no threads needed on fakes, since you have a sticky for that) and also there are NO general discussion threads allowed in here.

    We apologize for not moderating better in this sub forum, but like you all know, you need to be a true Tokidoki lover to follow this all :yes:

    Thanks and please let me know if you have further questions or inquiries

  2. so is it cool to talk about tokidoki shirts and stuff?
  3. yes, all things Toki are fine:yes:
  4. I'm glad something was done about my complaint last night!

  5. I dont think you will be laughing when you have to miss work to go to court. :yahoo:
  6. That was because of my complaint not yours!
  7. Hualala and whoever else is involved, can you please keep your posts to yourself and PM the mods or something. All this drama is causing us headaches and we might lose our forum because of it. This was put here to STOP the drama, not create more. So please stop writing about it, and if you have problems, PM the mods.

    All we want to do is talk about our tokidoki and our love for it.

  8. Exactly what Jess said. Message the mod's already since you have nothing to say about purses or bags.

    And please don't think I have a lawyer on retainer, because I do. So please keep your threats to yourself. Thanks.
  9. Yes, please stop posting if you are not contributing anything about tokidoki. We dont need drama!
  10. No kidding. Because of all those negative comments we have had a few threads closed. If you have nothing to contribute about tokidoki, please don't post anything. The more nasty things that get posted, the more the drama (which only makes the poster look bad to the rest of us). This place was so peaceful and full of nice people. Don't ruin it.
  11. suesuperb, maya-exquisite (I think, don't boot the real one), and I think there were a couple of others.

    I am not enjoying this.
  12. what is wrong w/ you guys?

    Good grief, you're actually fighting in Megs announcement!?

    edited to add:
    I just cleaned up the comments. This thread isn't really meant to be a conversation starter if you know what I mean.
  13. if she re-registers and w/ the amazing amount of time this gal has on her hands, I'm sure she will, JUST IGNORE HER.
  14. Please just listen to Swanky- just ignore and report it. We will handle it :yes:
  15. *reports* I hope something can be done about this.. its getting rediculous.