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  1. It is absolutely unacceptable for any member of this community to drag our Purse Forum into official complaints against a merchant. tPF is not a tool for anyone to threaten or strongarm a seller/store into giving into the customer's demands, such action will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate banning from the site.

    I am seriously disturbed to think that anyone in their sane minds would think for such a behavior to be justified. Megs and I do not run this site for us to be dragged into possible legal with large department store chains.
  2. Yikes! That would be awful:sad: Thanks for the warning:smile:
  3. God - why would anyone? As if you haven't got enough to be going on with!

    Seriously we appreciate everything you and Megs (and the mods!!) do and whilst I don't know whats happened I hope it is not causing any trouble for you guys!:flowers:
  4. :wtf: holy moly.

    i hope you guys aren't having any legal stresses over something here after putting in so much time and effort. :s:flowers:
  5. Oh dear...that sounds bad. Thank you for the warning.
  6. What?! Does this have anything to do with the Bloomingdales (I believe??) thread???
  7. Eeep... I hope no one is doing that. :Push: But It should be understood that it isn't acceptable behavior IMO...
  8. What!? I'm seriously surprised anyone would even dream of doing that. Thats clearly unacceptable, and I'm sure most members find that obvious.
  9. NVMND about my last comment.

  10. Although inappropriate and I agree, Im sure they didn't realize the ramifications a letter like that could cause.....I hope we can all learn from this and move on..:flowers:
  11. Sorry to hear that you're having problems, Vlad and Megs. :sad:

    I'm no expert, but I can't see how you can rightfully be dragged into legal disputes with a store, as, like all forum administrators, you are merely providing venue for people to contribute their own opinions and each contributor is therefore, presumably, responsible for their own posts.

    To confirm this, beyond dispute, perhaps you should include a disclaimer? Something like;

    'The views expressed by members of this forum, are independently made and are therefore, not necessarily the views of the forum, or its administrators'.
  12. I'm so sorry Vlad & Megs. You guys provide something good for us free of charge......I hope nothing happens to you guys because of this!
  13. Yikes, this is bad! I sincerely hope no damage has been done because I would seriously hate to see tPF shut down.
  14. :wtf: Yikes, I have no idea what has gone on, but hope you guys have not been dragged into anything :sad: , we love you here :yes:
  15. Something else I must have missed. Is the thread referred to removed from the forum or is it somewhere where I can read it (the part of me that doesn't mind her own business)? It seems presumptuous of someone to speak on behalf of tpf.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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