Important addition: About DEALS & STEALS Forum!

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  1. Hi!

    There's seems to be a little confusion about what's best suited for this Forum.

    Deals & Steals is a Forum where people can ask or post about great sales online or instore.
    This Forum is not the best spot for authenticity questions.
    We have a lot of designer Forums w/ their own threads called "Authenticate This!______"{fill in the blank} for specific designer questions.
    For example if you find a website that sells Louis Vuitton, you'll want to ask authenticity questions in the LV Forum's Authenticate This! Louis Vuitton thread.
    If you find a website that sells Chanel, you'll want to ask authenticity questions in the Chanel Forum's Authenticate This! Chanel thread, etc. . .
    If you have a question about a website or bag that we DO NOT have a Forum for, please ask in our Handbags & Purses Forum, clothing in the Wardrobe, shoes in the Glass Slipper, etc. . . .

    Also need to mention this IS NOT the right Forum to slam stores or eTailers.

  2. This is an important addition.

    If we find that you are promoting your own affiliate/commission codes here, we will ban you. This is not a place for you to try to make money for yourself. So if we do find codes with affiliate links, all posts will be removed and the user will be banned. If you see someone doing this, please let us know!

    Thank you
  3. bump . . . this isn't a forum for technical issues w/ website or when you're disappointed you missed a sale.:nogood:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.