import taxes

  1. quick question, does anyone here know if there'd be import taxes when delivering luxury goods (BV handbags) from UK to the US?
    thanks a lot.
  2. if you are getting a BV, you can call Ana and she can get it for you.
    I did this a while back for a bag. The color that I wanted is not sold in the US. Ana took care of everything and I just had to pay the US retail price.
  3. Does she deliver to the city that doesn't have any BV store (Boston)?
    and what's the payment methods?
    btw, thanks for the info..:heart:
  4. Yes, she will deliver. If there isn't a BV boutique in your state, sales tax isn't paid. She accepts credit cards (MC, Visa, AMEX).
  5. i recently bought something from matches in the uk and didn't pay import tax
  6. Sometimes it depends on the carrier and if you're lucky enough to get a customs officer who's asleep at the switch. DHL seems to charge more for duties, and as with UPS, there's a broker fee on top of it. I've ordered stuff from the UK that didn't get slapped with taxes though by all rights it should have, and other times smaller items got nailed. For some reason I've had the best (read: cheapest) luck with FedEx, both in the U.S. and Canada (receiving items from the UK). But if standard mail is an option, it's usually the best choice.
  7. my package was shipped with dhl so you never can tell
  8. customs means a bit of luck. the other day I bought a pair of exotic skin shoes which are not alllowed to be imported - I would have gotten a hefty fine but they passed through! lucky for me, anyway. that was with normal usps shipping, no tracking, btw it seems to be the fastest way.

    but now something else got stuck in customs. there is no way to predict it. well, here in europe the free import level is very low, unfortunately but I think in US you are better off. since it is a bv bag though, it will be above the limit i think. good luck!
  9. yes, mine was shipped with UPS. I think they accept all kinds of cc.
    it took about 2 weeks for her to get it from europe to here.
  10. thank you guys for the info..
    i'm buying BV bag from UK ( or maybe through Ana if she could find me the bag!
    anyone here ever experienced to pay for the tax? how much would it be (approximately)?
  11. i have ordered stuff from florence, italy. it was only $600 USD worth of merchandise, but i had to pay like $135 of taxes plus 60 euros for shipping. totally not worth it. it was through Fedex.
  12. Ouch!
    That's a hefty percentage on taxes, uclaboi! :s

    I deal a lot with sending and receiving stuff from the region in my job, but since it's all for commercial use, I'm used to very low figures, so such high private import taxes scare me :sweatdrop:
  13. totally not worth it!!!!!!!
    this tax thing confuses me! hope Ana could find the bag for me so that i don't have to order it from UK..
    thanks for the info uclaboi.
  14. Who is Ana?? and what exactly does she do?! :confused1:
  15. ana is bottega veneta`s personal shopper for the us...