import tax/duty from USA to Ireland?

  1. any idea how much this is? i ordered a pair of shoes from Neiman Marcus, any idea how much i will get stung for when they arrive in Ireland?

  2. It all depends on Ireland Customs. If you are lucky, no duties nor taxes, because NM ships through the USPS and the package could be taken as a gift at the Customs. Otherwise, you could pay up to 35%. Try calling UPS or their online tool to calculate such taxes. Good luck!
  3. oh my gosh, 35% that is steep!!
  4. how much did you pay for the shoes? i recently paid 40 euro customs on shoes that cost me 235 dollars with shipment...
  5. I can't believe that customs does this, what happens if the item is marked as a gift or used?

  6. They cost me $434, so I will prob pay about €80 customs then.


  7. I think if it is a gift, you get away with it