Import duty from Switzerland to the UK.

  1. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me if there will be customs duty to pay
    when I buy something from Switzerland and get it send to me in the UK?

  2. I think there is actually, as they are not part of the EU customs policy :sad:
  3. i'm not completely sure, they're still in the eea aren't they? and i don't think you pay duties in switzerland to receive from the eu but i could be wrong..
  4. There shouldn't be any
  5. I didnt think there was an import duty between switzerland and the UK, but i may be wrong.
  6. I totally agree! Sorry! :crybaby:
  7. i remember ordering from yoox when i lived in switzerland and i didn't have to pay any duty so now that i think about it i suspect there's none.
  8. I think one thing is receiving in Switzerland, other thing is receiving in a country of EU. Probably Switzerland doesn't have problems with customs but I think EU countries have. I think we don't pay customs between EU countries because of Shengen and I don't think Switzerland is part of it but I may be wrong!
  9. i know it's not the same, but i can't see another reason for it than a mutual agreement of some sort. i looked at a database ( ) for customs rates for countries outside the eu receiving from the eu and the tax for everything i entered for switzerland was 0% (this was all clothes/bags/shoes type things). i'm not completely sure, i've been trying to figure this out for a while without having to call customs and being put on to someone completely useless for hours..
  10. Good question... for sure you will have to pay custom clearance and VAT if you live in Switzerland and order in UK. You get the invoice from the custom office/shipping company a couple of weeks after receiving the goods.
    BTW: VAT in Switzerland is mostly 7.6% while in other countries in Europe it is arround 18-20%.
  11. There are duties as Switzerland is not part of a European Union. No matter what commercial agreements exist between the EU and Switzerland the DO NOT apply to free movements of goods.
  12. They're part of EFTA so there shouldn't be any special import tax, unless it's VAT or something? Most of the economical regulations aplly to EFTA countries as well as EU, in accordance with the EEA agreement.

    Schengen is not about taxes. UK is not part of schengen, switzerland is soon to be. Schengen is about abolition of systematic border control. It makes it easier to travel between the countries. That's why you have to show your passport when you enter the UK and not always when you go to scandinavia.
  13. I thought you were supposed to pay customs/taxes when ordering from Switzerland to the UK. I know I looked into getting a watch from Switzerland and was put off by the possibility of paying extra. And I think that when I got a scarf from luxury-scarves it had a declaration form on the parcel? I didn't have pay anything then but I just assumed that it sneaked through customs because quite a few smaller parcels do.
  14. I hope so! I just ordered from LS last week and was wondering the same thing, but it doesn't look like a definitive answer here. I don't live in the UK, I am in Europe though so I'll have to wait and see I guess. It's that old " God, please grant me patience, but HURRY!" :rolleyes:

    Did anybody ever her from the OP about what happened to her for this?
  15. When I ordered from Luxury they put gift and declared it for less and even hide one item into another.

    VAT will definetely be added, but then again alot of customs officers and generally a lot of Europeans think that Switzerland is part of the EU so the don't charge.