Import customs duty for New York


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
I'm about to send one of my used Hermes bags to a friend in the US. She lives in New York and we're wondering how much customs duty is over there. My friend have never imported expensive items and she have no idea how that will work.

I suggested declaring a very low value but my friend didn't want to risk it.

What's the declared value when the customs duty kick in for New York, USA? I know in Australia they only start charging duty above A$1000. And also how much is customs duty (5% 10% ?).

Thanks in advance everyone!! :smile:


The machan
Feb 12, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
Prices vary per items. For a leather handbag, I was charged 4.5 % of the declare value (I think it should have been 8-9pct), but for a pair of shoes I was charged 10 % (leather too). I was billed later, 2 weeks after I received my package.
Note: The item might get stuck for custom clearance, and it's the sender or receiver responsibility to clear the item. If you use Fedex, you can track your shipment and when it's available for clearance, call them. They make you fill a form to explain what's in the box. FEDEX is fully insured and safe. It took 24 hours for some of my items to arrive. + 1 day customs.
If you lie on the value of the form, and your item gets inspected ... Good luck.
If it's an exotic bag, make sure it's permitted. The entrance of particular leathers is prohibited in some states. :smile:
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