1. I may be really late with this, and I don't claim to be up to snuff on celebrity gossip, but did Hillary Duff get implants?

  2. All I will say is that I have implants, and the sides of my boobs look a whole lot like that!
  3. that photo looks photo shopped. there is another recent candid of her, and she was indeed about flat chested
  4. looks photoshopped
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I have been thinking she got them recently since I saw the cover of Self Mag that she was on. I also saw the shoot from Self mag on E! and it was obvious. I am 100% convinced that she got very small implants, and she looks much better.
  7. I have seen some pics of her where I thought she got implants too. But, then, she sometimes looks like she doesn't have them. Maybe she does the chicken cutlet and push-up thing? The top photo looks like a photoshop job to me though.
  8. I agree, it looks a bit photoshopped.
  9. Yeah, the first photo is definitely photoshopped. That was in her Lizzie Maguire era, and she was definitely flat chested still. A few dresses she's been seen in recently made her boobs look much bigger, so who knows if actually she got implants or not.
  10. The first picture clearly looks like someone pasted her head on another woman's body.

    In the second picture, it looks like she had cutlets / a really good push-up bra.
  11. Plus, because it's important to Hilary to be a good role model (which is cool), if she's going to have plastic surgery, I would imagine she'd say something.
  12. The first picture looks photoshopped to me as well. She could just be wearing a really good push up bra in the second picture. One of my HS friends asked if I had gotten implants, but it was all because of a really good VS bra :smile:
  13. i agree that its been photo shopped if you look at the left breast check out the shading about it...
  14. that pic totally looked photoshopped!
  15. ^:yes: