implants and breastfeeding

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  1. hi,

    i've often wondered about this-- would getting breast implants prevent you from being able to breastfeed. Like if i got mine done now, and in a couple of years had a baby...could i still breastfeed... or are the mammary glands going to be all squished and messed up.. like if the surgeon went under the muscle...

    (when i watch those plastic surgery shows, of women that want to go bigger, and you see their breasts just collapsing after they pull out of the implant...makes you wonder)
  2. I've been told that once you get implants, you can no longer breastfeed. I'm not 100% sure though, but I'm sure other ladies can help!
  3. You can breastfeed just fine.
    When you get implants, they do not remove any milk ducts and your breasts will still engorge as normal.

    Additionally, if you have saline implants, the solution inside is just salt & water, two things that are a natural componant in your body anyway--so there is no danger to the baby.
  4. Yes, you can still breastfeed. I suggest if you do get implants though, you mention to your surgeon your desire to breastfeed. That may factor in the decision to go above or below the muscle although I'm not sure it really matters.
  5. I have had silicone implants over the muscle for 8yrs. I breastfed for 9 months with no problem. They just got really huge! from 34 DD to like 36 FFF during pregnancy. It took like 2yrs to get down to even a DDD. I am older now and will probably go smaller when I go in to get them replaced in another few years. Just make sure you go to a good doc.
  6. you can ABSOLUELY breastfeed!
    The only thing is if you get a breast reduction you cannot breastfeed.

    Any other implant questions?

  7. AHhahahhahaha for some reason just the way yyou said that made me laugh!!!!
  8. Not true actually.....many people who have had breast reductions CAN breast feed. I had a breast reduction and my doc said I will have NO PROBLEM breast feeding!!

    Depending on your doc and how much breast tissue you need removed you may have a harder time and there are SOME people who aren't able to breast feed after....but for the most part you can still breast feed just fine!! :yes:
  9. ^wow, good to know! I'm a Mod/Admin of a parenting board. We have close to 50 Moderators and out of the 12 that had breast reductions, not one of them were able to nurse their babies :sad:

  10. Well I know that they used to perform breast reductions where they actually severed the milk ducts completely but now most docs are performing the surgery without doing that.

    When I had mine they made the nipple smaller (without actually detaching the ducts) and they only made one incision down my breast (and not under- the old way used to look like an anchor). Perhaps the ladies you're talking about had it done using the older procedure.

    All I know is my doc told me that while it's more liklely for a women who has had a breast reduction to have trouble breast feeding....the majority are able to do it without a problem. I also have a friend who had the surgery (from the same doc) and is currently breast feeding without a problem. :yes:
  11. ^great to hear!