Imperfections noted with LV online purchases

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  1. Has anyone had any difficulties with receiving products ordered online that have imperfections? I received my Pochette accessoreis last week and the bag appeared and felt very "dry" as well as the zipper looking very "curvy", not straight. I received my exchange today and it looks much better aside from a "bump" in the canvas on the lower side of the bag which is very noticeable. I'm feeling disappointed as this was my Mother's day present :sad:
  2. I have done quite a few orders online. All of my items have been impeccable. It's more convenient for me as I don't have a Louis Vuitton store nearby.
  3. I just placed my orders for a couple of items from LV website yesterday, I hope I get them without any issues. fingers crossed.
  4. I'm sure my recent purchase was a fluke and all of your items will arrive perfect! :smile:
  5. Sorry berbils for your troubles, I know it's disappointing to received blemished items especially when it's a gift to celebrate a special day. How bad is the bump on the canvas? Is this something that would come out if you stuff the pochette? Or is it sewn in wrong? Can you take a pic so we can see?
  6. Sounds crazy but I'm having a very hard time capturing it in a picture. I'll attach the pic I took. It is the entire corner above the stitching. It is a bump type imperfection and actually feels hard and raised. I'm not sure that you will see it well in the picture though.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I checked my Pochette Accessoires and it has the bump as well on all four corners. It's caused by the lining. If you feel around inside, you should be able to feel the lining slightly bunched there.
  9. I've only ordered online twice in 11 years of collecting because I prefer in store purchasing, but both items were perfect.
  10. Yes, mine too. I think it's normal.
  11. Thank you so much everyone! I'll feel inside when I get back home! :smile:
  12. Yes it's hard to see in pics sometimes, but is everything else ok? the zipper and all?
    from the pic it doesn't look bad, I would consider keeping it. Are you close to a boutique? maybe you could see another one and compare?
  13. I have ordered online before, and they pull the item usually from stores around your area and ship it to you. In my experience I have gotten items that had imperfections. It might be a coincidence, but I think they do it on purpose to get rid of their oldest piece that has been man handled by a lot of customers.

    Or it could be bad luck. Or it could be they could be careless. This is why I try to buy in store or get them to ship to the store for me to look at. When I return things, they always give me the stank eye like I just bought it, used it, damaged at, and returned it after I went to some imaginary party.

    If you order online, your 14 days start to count down from the day you order it, not the day it arrives. And we all know how forgiving their return policy is :woot:
  14. The closest store is over an hour away. I ordered online because I didn't really want to have to go all the way there. I am going to just go there tomorrow to compare it to the pochettes they have in stock.
  15. I totally understand your frustration, shopping online is convenient, but after dealing with exchanges and having to drive over an hour then it's not so convenient.
    Good luck finding a nice pochette and happy Mother's Day!