Impatiently waiting....

  1. what are you all impatiently waiting for?
    it could be because you're saving or maybe it's not released yet any reason really....

    I am impatiently waiting for the MC Eugenie, I noticed a couple of little strands sticking up on my dentelle purse it's not bad at all but I want to put her into semi retirement I was using it everyday.
    I don't want to buy another purse because I love the eugenie in MC and she was in the lookbook for future release but a new lookbook says she may be cancelled, so here I am impatiently waiting to see if she's coming
  2. I am impatiently waiting that I have at last saved enough money to buy the Manhattan pm... But I am more than half way there! So I am hoping for early summer...(unless my car or something else boring and bothersome needs repairs).
    Oh, and also for my new Burberry bag to clear's been there for about ten days...
    Regina :smile:
  3. Hmm... I'm waiting for Azur Neverfull MM. Don't even know if it will ever arrive, since Damier ones haven't. Does anyone happens to know the release date?
  4. I am impatiently waiting for my bf's bro to tell me he got BonBon in Teal in Chicago. Though I have a feeling that he'll most likely not get one.
  5. I am waiting for LV to release the painting personalisation thingy to the public so I can get my own personalised speedy.

    I just love LV's speedies so much! :heart:
  6. Impatiently waiting to go to paris and everything my heart desires. ;)
  7. I WAS impatiently waiting for my Trevi.. but I just got that, so I am fairly satisfied at the moment.. (did I just say that?) :confused1:
  8. Azur neverfull has no release date, based on the late release of the ebene, SA said it probably is Jan-Feb 09 at best.
    Not impatiently waiting, but would like to see the galleria and ther watercolor mono...have wait listed for both
  9. i'm waiting for my large musette to arive! i think it will be here tomorrow!
    after that, saving up for the eva
  10. I can't wait for the Azur Hampstead MM and Eva Pochette. I'm 1st on the WL for both but doesn't know the exact release date for them :s
  11. I am impatiently waiting for my Amarante Heart Coin Purse to arrive. She ships out today and should be here Wednesday. I can not wait!! :wlae:
  12. Montorgueil PM, It's released in Taiwan few weeks ago, but it sold out. I put my name on the wait list, so I guess I will get the call on March (the day it's released in US).....I am worried that I may spend the money.:thinking:
  13. I'm impatiently waiting for my exotic watercolor speedy. I am so in love with it! And also for the teal bon bon, which is being released the same day. They are both so fabulous!

    I'm not waiting impatiently for the Mancrazy, which is due on Friday. In fact, I'm having second thoughts.
  14. I'm just saving, saving away right now. The Damier Papillon 30 is currently at the top of my wishlist. I have a while to go, but my birthday is in March so who knows?!
  15. Restricter - I think your Mancrazy is going to be fabulous! If anyone can pull off those jokes on that terrific bag - you can.

    I'm also waiting for the exotic watercolor speedy. I know it's so expensive but I also just adore it.