Impatiently waiting

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  1. How hard is it to wait!!! I can't take it!! I have been waiting impatiently for the last week and a half for a Rebecca Minkoff MAM in pewter and midnight, and now I will be waiting on a Tano Vixen Van GG in blueprint blue and a Hobo International Belinda Clutch in Patent Red.

    The waiting kills me!! I'm about ready to attack the UPS man! Anyone else awaiting a bag? What is it, and how do you wait more patiently?

    Maybe I should print out some pics and hang them on the mirror in my bathroom so I can drool a little while I get ready in the morning!
  2. hehe There is nothing sweeter or more bitter than awaiting the arrival of a new bag!!!!! :yes:
  3. been there done that TrulyWild..
  4. Oh man do I ever know how you feel right now!!

    I'm currently awaiting my balenciaga first. At one point, I had purchased online a balenciaga, LV, and RM MAM. Waiting for all three of those to come was such a nightmare!! The only redeeming point was that I came home for three days in a row, with a new handbag waiting for me:biggrin: It's like christmas every day!
  5. I am with you! :yes: Waiting on the new Greenwich hobo and wallet from BR here.
  6. I'm one of those people who keep tracking the package to see it it moved in the last three hours!!!
  7. Ha! Me too. :roflmfao:
  8. The sweet would never be as sweet, without the bitter!:yes:
  9. I am so impatient too, waiting for a new bag is the hardest! (Well, second hardest to saving up to buy a new bag!!) I live in a condo and sometimes the driver will leave the package with a neighbor. A few times I've come home but it's too late to knock on the neighbor's door and I have to go to sleep knowing the bag is right next door!!! Makes me want to knock the wall down LOL.
  10. Me too! I don't see anything wrong with that!:p
  11. :wtf: the horror.....

    THAT would be awful!
  12. Waiting is not really what I do. It's more like stalking.

    First off, I save a picture of whatever bag I'm waiting on so I can view it any time I want on my computer and iPhone. I track my package several times a day online to see it go from state to state until I see that magic status "Out for Delivery". Then of course I keep checking online until I see "Delivered" or "Respondent Not Available, Will Attempt Again Next Business Day" in which case I immediately call and have it held so I can go pick it up. In the event that my bf is home or it's left on my stoop I then agonize and countdown the seemingly endless seconds until I can leave and get home.

    Of course I'm sure you understand that sudden euphoria when I arrive home and see a box sitting on my doorstep or in my living room. I rip the box open, examine my bag and then lay out for a bit as by then I am both emotionally and physically drained, lol