Impatiently Waiting - What are you waiting for?

  1. Okay so my engagement ring is coming tomorrow morning - and I can't focus at work! We've been engaged for a couple of monthes and it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted but now I want it NOW! :yahoo:

    Also, I'm waiting on some job news for someone near and dear to me. That should come by tomorrow or today. Hopefully it will be good - all signs are pointing that way.

    Too bad having a cocktail at lunch is not work-appropriate! Anyone else waiting for something???
  2. LOL Congrats on the ring and good luck on the job! :smile:
  3. Yeah, the job isn't for me, but its for a friend, sometimes its almost as bad as waiting for yourself.
  4. wow, congrats! that's exciting!!
  5. I am waiting for the men in my basement to finish installing our new furnace... I can no longer feel the tips of my fingers. You don't realize how much you appreciate simple things in life - like indoor heat - until it's gone. Wah-ha-ha-ha.

    But BIG congrats on your ring! That's soooo exciting! All the BEST!
  6. i waiting to get my hair cut, colored, and deep conditioned on FRIDAY!!!! i love nothing more in life than going to a salon and being indulgent for a few hours. it'll probably cost about $300 so i definately can't do it very often, but my roots have grown out a little and my ends are kinda fried, so it's time!
  7. LOL, me too! Im also waiting for ups to knock on my door any minute with my new azur speedy 30!!:sweatdrop:
  8. Congrats on the ring and engagement!

    I'm patiently waiting for a pair of jeans I ordered to show up.. maybe today?
  9. Congrats on your engagement first of all!!!

    I'm waiting for it to be 4:30 so I can leave work and then go pick up our new entertainment center. I'm also waiting to hear about a job too!!!!:yes:
    I'm also IMPATIENTLY waiting for our photographer to call and tell me our coffee table album and cd of photos is ready to be picked up(lets see....we've only been married since April 2006).:hysteric:
  10. Congrats on your ring!!
    I had no idea mine was coming when I got it, so I didn't have to wait for it! But I am waiting for dinner right now!!
  11. Congrats, winternight! ;)

    I'm impatiently waiting for us to close the contract with the house we're going to buy... I'm so ready to move!

    I'm also waiting to get calls from the places I applied at... :sad1:
  12. Congrats winternight!

    I'm not waiting for anything as exciting as a ring, just a pair of Puma sneakers I ordered last week.:shame: The tracking number says they have been in my town since Monday, so I'm not quite sure why they aren't at my house yet. I'm starting to get annoyed with the postal service. I hope they are waiting for me at home.
  13. I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come home after a week. :love:
  14. OMG waiting for a heater would kill me, I'm such a baby about the cold.

    Figures that so many PF ladies are waiting for packages...haha...oh yeah, I'm also waiting for some Chanel sunnies, almost forgot about those.
  15. Waiting for the damn mailman. I have a package coming. ;]