Impatiently waiting for my Balenciaga...

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  1. My Balenciaga is taking forever to arrive :evil: I was hoping it would arrive today, since I'm going out for drinks tonight and it would match the color of my margarita :P The seller shipped it on Monday, and said it takes just under a week to arrive. I hope it's not stuck in customs, and arrives tomorrow. I don't like this whole overseas shipping thing... makes me nervous :wacko: Someone calm my nerves! :P
  2. I was wondering when that B Bomb was going to hit!! I think under the circumstances it's normal for it to take the time, it's just your excited anticipation that is getting the best of your nerves, we all know how that feels. It will be here soon and we'll all join you in the Oooing and Aaahing!
  3. It will take time, it can take 5 days for mail to get to the East Coast from Colorado.

    I hate waiting too; but, this is definitely worth the wait...You can still enjoy margaritas with your paddy. :P
  4. Thanks :biggrin: It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who goes crazy waiting for a bag to arrive. I ran up to the front office as soon as I heard the postman, but no luck today :sad: It's not track-able once it reaches the United States, so that's got me :wacko: ...I remember with the paddington DHL provided very detailed tracking. I kept the window open and work and kept hitting refresh every hour :lol:

    Loganz - Yes, I will be enjoying my much-needed margarita (or three!) very much this evening :biggrin:
  5. Totally understand...I recently purchased a bag from eBay that is coming from Japan, and I literally feel antsy waiting for it!
  6. We'll impatiently wait together, then :biggrin: I hope you get your bag soon!
  7. Post a pic when you get it :smile:
  8. totally feel your vintage speedy is being shipped to my parents' house (an hour and a half away) because that's my confirmed paypal address, and i know it'll probably be there any day now and i have to wait until NEXT FRIDAY to go to Atlanta and get it! ahhhhhh! the idea of my bag sitting around in a box with no one to love it is killing me!

    but take heart, the balenciaga will be well worth the wait!
  9. Well, you're not the only one here stuck waiting. My seller sent my B-bag over the weekend from UK and I still haven't receive it. It's probably stuck somewhere. I'm also getting very impatient... :evil:
  10. That's so sad...the sitting in a box unloved part. :sad: Give it extra hugs when you get it ;) .
  11. cristina

    i totally know how you feel! i'll be thinking of you until your apple green balenciaga arrives! its a bit odd though, if you don't have any tracking numbers...

    it is a bit worrying waiting for stuff to arrive from overseas! when i first bought something off eBay, i was like, "oh well, if i doesn't arrive i'm never buying off the internet again"

    thinking of you while you wait... but be sure to enjoy your drinks! woo hoo Long Weekend!!!! (for me :shame: )
  12. Sending you lots and lots of moral support. :P
  13. i was this close to asking you if you took a bit out of that granny smith yet :P seems like i will have to wait! :smile:
  14. yeah I dislike waiting for package or mails in general, BUT when they finally arrive it's like opening any present! Have fun!
  15. oh my gosh do I feel the pressure. I just received my new B bag today. It was also an international delivery. The seller said, "Oh yeah, only a 3-5 day delivery time." Over a week later, its finally here!! Although I had a tracking # all the way up to the time it reached my post office. I could'nt wait. I called them this morning and said, "Dont bother delivering it today, I'll be right there to pick it up"! It was definetely worth the wait. My new lavender city B-bag is awsome. Funny, I was torn between the apple and the lavender. Sit tight, if any one knows about shipping and receiving it would definetely be me. Have a drink for me this evening!