Impatient me... WHINE

  1. I've always been a patient girl, sit quietly and well behaved when I order from Jax... Wait like a trooper for something to show up at delicious reveals and revel in daydreams of pretty bags...


    I've nabbed some dreamy bags back home and I'm waiting... Due to some funky circumstances (an outlet overcharge and a lazy eBay seller) the bags are just recently underway.

    Wahhhhhhhhhhh... I haven't got my hands on anything new since May 22! Soooooo not fair!

    Whine over ... Maybe a package will arrive today.
  2. I'll cross my fingers you get your packages. That would be driving me bonkers.
  3. It is hard to wait on packages! Hang in there. Getting them will be all the sweeter.
  4. My last two purchases took 10 days to arrive. I'm waiting on a charge send right now that won't be here until the 17th (7 days total-FedEx) It is really hard to wait. I feel ya ;)
  5. I'm feeling the same, bought a Glam from eBay and it's been 6 weeks since its shipped I'm still waiting for it. Seller said shipping from canada to New Zealand takes 4 to 6 weeks... Hope it will turn up soon.

    So another goodie I bought a few days ago I requested priority and would rather pay extra but receiving the items sooner!
    I'm getting a bit impatient too, you are not alone :smile:
  6. Good for you for always being a patient person! I have never had that virtue, nor do I think at this stage of my life I will aquire it! I can only pass on what I would do in this situation. I think your only cure is to go shopping, satify yourself with another distraction until your items arrive. I have practiced this cure for years and I am a healthy , happy, normal, patient addict. Good Luck!
  7. Good things come to those who wait ;) Just means you'll enjoy them even more, considering all the hassle!!
  8. Lol, good advice from coachdon!

    I hope your pieces arrive soon and are even better than you expected! You do deserve a reward for your patience! :biggrin:

    I hope yours arrives soon, too!