Impatient little kid, new shoes.

  1. I feel just like a little kid, when I am waiting for something to come in....I had some shoes transfered in, and I thought they would be here today, but I just got off the phone with the shoe specialist and they're not here yet. :crybaby:

    I got the sneakers, but the ones with the the pink ;) , maybe a little young for me, but oh, well...they're cute!

  2. They are VERY cute!!!!
  3. Oooh so cute :love: what's the name? oh almost forget to say, congrats! :smile:
  4. Very very cute!! I saw some very similar to those in the Vienna store :biggrin:
  5. Noumea Sneaker....I had to take a picture of the catalog, because I can't find a picture of the pink anywhere else.
  6. i loooooove them.. SO CUTE.. i can totally understand that you are being impatient, i would to if i was getting those shoes..!
  7. Congrats!!! They are very nice!! I would be excited too!!!
  8. I am SO JEALOUS!!! I love those, I cannot wait to see some some when you get them. I would be super excited waiting for those babies.:drool:
  9. SHUT UP!!!! i have been wanting those sneaker for forever..well at least since i saw them 3 weeks ago...

    Congrats twinkle.tink!!!! rock 'em
  10. OOOoooo I love those.
  11. LOL, 3 week is forever in LV time, isn't it?
  12. Those are adorable! Modeling pics please when they get there!
  13. I love it congrats!
  14. They are soooo cute!!!
  15. I love those, so feminine and yet comfortable!!