Impatient buyer opened up a claim

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  1. Ugh, I had a feeling this buyer would be a PITA. Anyways...they used the BIN on 09/08 and I couldn't ship the bag until 09/14. I even told the buyer this and apologized that I'd be shipping it out so late. Well, just as I'm about to leave for the PO (I had to get other addresses for different buyers), I see that she opened a INR claim. In the message box she said that I told her I'd ship it out on Monday or Tuesday (which I did, but then I told her it will have to be Friday instead) and that she waited for a tracking number, she is just frustrated, and she needs "HELP!!!". No where on that claim did she say that I updated her on the situation and I'd be shipping out later than expected. She filed that on Friday...the same day I shipped the bag. I've uploaded a tracking number to eBay and PayPal (and also in that claim form). Now the funds are being "held" until the dispute is over. I've never had this happen before. Also, the buyer has not said anything more in that chat on the claim page.

    What should I do? I insured it and used signature confirmation.
  2. Why so long to ship?
  3. Nothing really left to do. it is all out of your hands now.

    Good luck!
  4. After it's delivered and she signs for it, the claim should be closed. Just sit tight until that point.
  5. Personal reasons....

    OK, good. I just hope all goes well! Thanks!

  6. will just thave to wait til she gets the bag..

    if you can see when it was signed for you can call pp/ebay & forwawrd that info
    & possibly they might release your funds
  7. Nothing much to do. Since there is signature confirmation and tracking, you should be fine. Fingers crossed.....
  8. Alright. It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I hope that will close the stupid claim. :rolleyes:

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Buyers can be so impatient sometimes!! Life happens and sometimes gets in the way of getting to the post office. I hope this ends smoothly!!
  10. Coming from a buyer's point of view, do you think it's possible she really was worried since first you said you'd ship it Monday or Tuesday and then changed again to Friday?
  11. I understand that she was worried...but if she was THAT worried, she should have messaged me or waited until at least Saturday to file a claim. She filed that claim early on Friday. I had someone pay the day after her and I couldn't mail her item out until 09/14 and she didn't make a huge fuss out of it. Trust me, I rarely sell on I am more of a buyer. I wouldn't have done that.
  12. Exactly. She should have waited at least the 7 business days (I think that's how it goes) to file a claim if she really needed to. I'm an honest person. I had a reason why I didn't ship until Friday and I even explained that to her.
  13. Well, the PO left the buyer a notice today. It's odd because they were in such a rush to get the bag because she "bought it for a friend's daughter". I hope they pick it up tomorrow.
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    When did you advise the buyer that you would not be shipping until Friday? Did the buyer confirm that it would be OK? If not, how do you know that she received the message? If not confirmed OK, I wouldn't consider that an impatient buyer.

    According to the eBay rules, a buyer can't open a INR case before the latest date in the estimated delivery range. If that date was Thursday, I understand a buyer opening a case on Friday. At that point, she might be uncertain as to if or when she's going to receive the item at all.

    I don't like it when buyers ask for guarantees that it'll reach them in a day or two. However, I understand a buyer being upset and giving a low rating when they made sure the seller knew they were in a rush but the seller took six days to ship anyway.

  15. Yes, let's hope she does indeed pick it up tomorrow...