Impact of Hermes

  1. Someone started a thread like this in the Chanel subforum and I thought it would be interesting to get feedback in this forum as well.

    Do you all notice a difference when you are out and about with your Hermes bags? Do people notice? What type of service do you get in stores when you are carrying your bags?

    This type of thread may have already been done, but the subject just crossed my mind again after my experience at Saks in Maryland.

    Overall whenever I am shopping in high end stores and I have my birkin, the SA's just about freak out. And then they are all over me like leeches pushing merchandise at me. Its annoying. And suffocating.
  2. People at Neiman Marcus (who is usually extremely rude toward me) actually treats me like a decent person when I carry my Hermes. It's a nice change of pace, but still doesn't change the fact that majority of NM has bad service.

    In the meantime, people at LV and Chloe still treat me as if I weren't there so in that respect, Hermes doesn't make a difference to them. As for Fendi, they try to push merchandise on me when they see my bag.
  3. Of course they flock to you Nathansgirl, you're so fly with that birkin. I need a birkin. I want a birkin. If only I could stop shopping so I could get a birkin.

    Edit: And you didn't tell us what you bought when you were in my neck of the woods.
  4. I found that while shopping locally where there are outlet stores and such, and with tr444 who carried a LV bag, we were both treated VERY well....and it seemed I did get a little more attention than usual....kind of sad a bag makes people perk up actually!

  5. The star of the show was the RED KELLY bag!!!! Beautiful bag, and my LV paled in comparison!!! Love the Red Kelly Shoes!!!!
  6. I get a little more attention but not in an annoying or pushy way.

  7. :shame: :smile: I can't wait for you to get a birkin. (What color and leather would you want?) But the "stop shopping" part is difficult I'm sure. :lol:

    I wrote what I bought in the future nc home of hermes thread (or whatever its called). But I will write it again here: I got a blue jean togo picotin and two beautiful scarves. Also got those gorgeous silver Manolos that were featured in that episode of SATC when Carrie's shoes disappeared at that party she went to. I just have to post pics and have been too lazy to do so, elongreach. :upsidedown:
  8. I don't know.....I don't get attention but my BAG sure does!!!!!!

    ...actually it's sometimes a little embarrassing....depending where I'm going really determines which bag I'll take. If I want to keep a nice low profile then I'll take the Bolide or the Trim. And if I REALLY want to spark up some conversation (which I'm never in the mood for, really) then out comes the vintage Toile/Box Kellly.....
  9. It was comical at one point when Traci and I walked into a Coach store, the lady commented on my bag...and then asked if there was "anything" they could help us with...but it was in a way that said "probably not" to herself...I've never been shopping with another purse girl and it was so fun!
  10. i'm the same as greentea
  11. slightly more attention. But hey, I don't want my bags to be the main-star. Me!
  12. I don't get any overtly better service, but definitely more respectful service.
  13. :lol: :lol: