immediate use... boutique question

  1. what do you guys think of using a lv bag the same day you buy it and maybe even go back to the boutique with it in hand like 10 mins later?
  2. I've never done that...don't think I would either. It'd be a hassle to transfer everything I have in my bag over to the new one in the middle of the mall.
  3. im with you! i have way to much stuff to transfer!!!

    why would you go back in 10 mins later with bag in hand...if you were already in the store??! Just wondering?!!!!
  4. errr...i don't really see the purpose in it, but if you want to switch out bags right away, i don't see why there'd be an issue for anyone.
  5. I've done it, not 10 minutes but in the same day. I was unexpectedly called back to the mall because something else I liked came in and my SA told me I should use the bag :smile:
  6. :yes:
  7. ummm..... I don't like it when people can see my desperation for something.... I think it makes me look and feel vulnerable..... so..... no..... I've never done this and don't htink I ever will hehe
  8. Ha! I couldnt' careless what ANYONE thinks of me. My DH and I went last winter to LV and I bought my speedy which I was DYING for and I went into the restroom in the mall and switched everything out of my crappy handbag into my new speedy and proudly walked out with it. I never went back into LV because we were done shopping though. My DH laughed because I can never wait to use any of my new bags! When you get a little older in life you stop caring what others might think and start to really enjoy your life. Not that I am THAT old yet!
  9. yeah i agree with Cec, it rather looks desperate. unless you really need to use it.
  10. No, but I leave my bag and other items at the store and get them shipped to me. Otherwise I could never take the boxes with me on the plane.:push:
    I love opening the box and just enjoying the "newness" of my bag for a little while once I have it at home.:shame:
  11. Why would you do that?
  12. nope, can't say that i have, or ever will. to each, his own, though!
  13. I've switched out my bags before but only when running errands going home to "test drive" it, so to speak. I have had no reason to go back to the LV boutique though.
  14. OMG, too funny!! I might wait until I get into the car before I would do that...but like you said, you were done shopping anyway, so why not!! I'd feel funny walking back into the store right after I bought it though...:push:
  15. In the past, if I knew I was going to a store to buy a bag, I would only bring my wallet, keys and a cell phone. I would then use the bag right away. Why not? And if that makes me look desperate, so be it.:nuts: