Immediate Payment Required for BIN Items-How to Add 2nd Item????

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  1. i have no problems with this set-up of paying immediately for BIN items.
    but how do i add another BIN item (from same seller) to make it into the same Paypal payment?
    seller says for me to BIN each listing and don't use "pay now" option until she sends me revised invoice with combined shipping costs. i don't see any "pay now" option and each BIN listing just brings me directly to Paypal website to pay immediately without combining the listings together.

    please help! TIA
  2. The seller has to remove the immediate payment required option- if she wants to send an invoice later- or you can pay for both now and then she can refund the difference.
  3. She MIGHT also be able to add your name to the exemption list. I do not know that it works for BIN or not.
  4. thanks so much for your help, pigalle74 and nsp-i will go back to seller and have her try these out :smile: :flowers:
  5. When I am selling and a buyer wants me to change something, I will change it for a short period of time. Maybe an hour or so. I try to make arrangements with the buyer ahead of time so the buyer knows what their purchase window is.
  6. That is a good idea!
    I find it funny when I change something for the buyer as soon as they've requested it and they don't end up acted on it, I should give them a time frame from now on
  7. i ask for immediate refund because seller asked for immediate payment, and i got immeidate refund from them as well. quick transaction