immediate payment button?

  1. Hi

    I can't seem to find the immediate payment button on eBay!!:roflmfao: please help
  2. Hi ithink i may have listed this in the wrong section so could someone tell me where this should be? Please note, I'm not always this clueless.:shame:
  3. do you mean when you are making a listing and you want the buyer to pay immediately with a Buy It Now? It should be right under your paypal payment address, a little box you check, however, if you take payment forms other than paypal, that box will not be available to check.
  4. Hi thanks for the reply. I thought it should be there but there must be some error as it ain't there. I pressed the help button and 'please add this on my listing' and still hasn't shown.
  5. Hmm, well i'm not sure why it's not showing up! Weird!
  6. Mine is doing the same thing! I have posted on eBay forums and no one can figure out why i Don't have it!
  7. I think when you list- you have to go to the "show/hide more options" and then click immediate payment. You can't select ip from auctiva.