Immediate gratification or saving up?

  1. Today I will be traveling to where there is a Coach boutique, and I need some advice. I have saved up just enough to buy a dark brown signature Carly bag today (immediate gratification!), but I am seriously lusting for the Hamptons Vintage Large Satchel in the burgundy color, which is coming out later this month with the new fall stuff. It's possible I could get that one for Christmas, assuming they still have stock in the color I want by then, or I could continue saving for it, but that would mean no new bags for a long while. Both bags would be excellent additions to my small collection.

    What would you do? And does anyone know when the next PCE will be? Thanks!
  2. ummm, I love Carly!!!
  3. Oops, I guess it's the large leather carryall, not satchel. My bad.:shame:
  4. I LOVE my Carly, but it sort of sounds like you have your heart set on the Hamptons carryall. For as much as you may end up liking the Carly, you may regret not waiting and getting the Hamptons bag if that's the bag you truly love, especially if it sells out in your color choice.

    You could always reverse your thinking and get the Carly bag for Christmas! :idea:

    Tough choice though.....because I myself am not a patient gal so I'm ALL about instant gratification! ;)
  5. Get the bag you REALLY want! You can always get the Carly later :smile:
  6. Get the one you cant stop thinking about most.
  7. If it were me I'd buy what I wanted at the outlet, but I always shop at the outlet only because I dread spending full price for anything :smile: Good luck deciding what to do.
  8. Why not order the Hamptons Vintage Carry All while you are at the boutique today? You'd get the bag you really want and you can order it now and have it next week! :yes:
  9. I agree!!! If you dont buy the one you cant stop thinking about, you will CONSTANTLY still be thinking about it!!!! You could always buy the other one another time! Or ask for it as a "holiday gift"....
  10. I can't order the carryall today because it's twice as much as the Carly. It'll take me considerably longer to save for it than the Carly bag. I presume the dark brown sig Carly is a color/style that is always available?

    You all make an excellent point about waiting for the one my heart is set on. The minute I laid eyes on that vintage carryall, I think my heart stopped. Seriously. I want to lick it, I love it so much. Ha!
  11. I think you should wait for the Carryall since its the one you really desire because you'll always think about her. However, I also would suggest that you keep track of the quantities in stock by calling the Coach 800 number or your local boutique while you are saving up for her. That way when you are ready to purchase you won't be dissapointed if she's not available. I do it alllllllllllll the time!!!!
  12. That carryall is georgous! I'm going to save until the next PCE and see if I can afford that bag or whatever bag I like at that time( I'm a little fickle). With 25% off and tax it will be $652. Everytime I want to treat myself to lunch or pop in the store to buy something I don't need, I take a twenty out of my wallet and put it in the piggy instead. Then I go home and eat a sandwich or clean something instead.

    I vote save for the carryall!
  13. LOL! At first, I thought you meant this bag, which is $328:


    Then, when you said it was twice as much as the Carly, I though, "Huh?" so I went back and saw what you were really talking about:


    Yeah, that's quite a difference in price. You should definitely wait and save up for that gorgeous Vintage Large CarryAll - YUM!
  14. I'd imagine the Chocolate Carly will be around for a while, and it's less likely to "sell out" and have them not make more. If you think you'll use the Vintage Carryall, save up for that! The bag is beautiful! I just can't justify spending that I ended up with the Carly.
  15. I'd save up for the one you can't stop thinking about!