Imitators of the *GAUFFRE*

  1. Ok, here's one I found today... this seems to be the best version I've seen so far... it's by BCBG...

    Actually, not bad, but since I've got the real gauffre... I don't think I'll be buying it. Although I do think it looks nice and squishy.

    Here's another attempt at a bowler, but this one is clearly different than the gauffre - but displays similar ruching..
  2. Pad, I saw the BCBG one in a real store and it's major YUK! Really, I gasped when I saw it! Me NO likey at ALLLLL ! That's snobby, right? :sad:
    I think the problem is once you've seen a Prada Gauffre, nothing else will do!
  3. I saw a bad imitation at JC Penney today. There's nothing like the original Gauffre. That leather :graucho:
  4. You guys are TOTALLY right. I agree whole-heartedly. I just haven't seen it in person so from the pix.. the shoulder one didn't look 1/2 bad. But I've noticed myself becoming snobby too with these bags!!! :rolleyes:

    It's kinda nuts... but once you spend $2 or $3k on a bag, how can you compare it to a $200 dollar one? You can't!

    Thanks for posting... just wanted to see what everyone thinks of the all the imitators out there.
  5. Shoot, I like them both! The price certainly is right! Part of my disdain for the gauffre is the obscene price tag attached.
  6. I am lusting after that Gauffre too. Just can't bring myself to pay the $2400 price tag.
  7. Yep, the Guaffre is killer and the price will kill ya!