Imitation Of Christ Shorts

  1. Hi! Does anyone know where I can purchase Imitation of Christ shorts? I've seen it on a bunch of celebs and it gives the illusion of high-waisted-ness (I'm totally starting to love that trend... though it looked weird at first). but when i googled it, i couldn't find it. Barneys co-op had a link but it turned out to be nothing

  2. last year h&m had shorts like these in light jeans blue.
    maybe you can find them now at sale. ( they usually reduce last seasons clothes) i just saw them 2 weeks ago for 20 euro. pity they only look cool on stickthin endless long legs. and i definitaley don´t belong to this category.
    good luck!!
  3. haha i guess i'm behind ! thanks!
  4. I don't think those shorts would like right on me but I'm lovin Nicole's tan sandals.