Imitation? Flattery?

  1. It seems like everybody is doing some type of metallic bag this fall. The metallic fuschia Fendis are cute but the Fs just don't have the pizazz of the LV mono on a miroir surface. Anyone else noticing this trend? What'cha thinkin'? (Mod - if I should have posted this elsewhere, sorry!)
  2. much as I love LV, the metallic trend has been around for a couple of seasons now and LV wasn't exactly the first to do it. I think all the companies are just doing their own interpretation of the trend for their followers to buy.
  3. I like the metallic trend but i think LV miroir looks best.
    I think the Gucci one is cute aswell.
    i wonder how long they will be in..
    They have been around for awhile now.
  4. Rebecca, I totally agree with you, well said.
  5. Well said! :tup::yes:
  6. I agree.
  7. I never cared for metallics anyway. Some of the bags that Fendi have put out lately have been truly hideous.
  8. I think the LV Miroir is by far the most beautiful of the metallic bags that came out- the shine is impeccable, the shape of the Alma, the Papillon, is elegant. Second place goes to Gucci. I really didn't care for the silver Fendis either.
  9. I think metallic is starting to be seen as a wardrobe staple, so all the designers are hoping their metallic bags will be the next "classic."
  10. I don't like the metallic trend.... (and yet I'm gonna fall for it... :blink:...) and of all the fashion houses, Gucci does the best...
  11. I am not much into the metallic trend either, so I can't say that I have really 'looked' at them much.
  12. In no way did this trend get started by LV. Metallics have been absolutely everywhere for quite some time and they just haven't died! All of the designers have kind of ran with it and they're just doing their own thing.