Imelda Marcos

  1. Ok, we all know she had a lot of shoes...what was her handbag situation? Does anyone know?

    Who (besides Kimora Lee) has a great collection?
  2. Nicole Richie has an amazing collection and same with Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham)- I would kill for either of their collections~!
  3. Maybe we should work on getting them to post here!
  4. OMG! Then I would never leave this site- I would just sit here all day and just drool over their collections. Oh yeah, I pretty much do that now! LOL!:lol:
  5. No idea! I'd love to know though :lol:
  6. Don't know about the other bags but here's a sample. Taken at a bday party she attended last Feb. It's an Emerald Green Porosus Crocodile Hermes Bolide.
  7. I only saw her shoes when I went on our school field trip back in the third grade. They didn't have all her shoes on display either when I was there. I remember being very disappointed because of that.
  8. My co-worker used to call me "Imeda" since I always wore different shoes to work.. :lol:
  9. ^^^:lol: I've been called that too.
  10. That would be interesting to know.