Imedeen skincare supplements- anyone have thoughts?

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  1. I started taking these pills last year , and I do feel that my skin benefited from them, and, i felt that i got compliments on my skin, but, I stopped, a little bit becase of the price ($70/month), little bit from being lazy.
    Has anyone else used them and have an opinion on them? also, dh and i are considering concieving, should i stay away from these for now?
    i would love some imput, thanks,
  2. My friends take them and they work. As for safety and pregnancies, it's best to discuss with the agents or manufacturers because then you have their word in black and white
  3. My mum uses those, she looks great for a 48 year old.

    Although (i'm going to assume you're less than 45, dangerous thing to do I know so i'm sorry if i'm wrong!) I don't think you need them at this age yet. A good anti-ageing cream, sunscreen and diligent care is all you need for now.