IMAN - the supermodel

  1. Yes. From her first husband. I think he was a basketball player.
  2. How does she do it? Iman, 57, turns back the clocks and looks 20 years younger as she attends Hotel Noir screening

    She once served as muse to designers Halston, Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, and Yves Saint-Laurent.
    And Somali supermodel proved she still looks positively flawless while attending a screening of the film Hotel Noir at Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan.

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  3. Does anyone remember that old photo from Vogue when she posed her with baby daughter? She was sitting on the floor.

    So, yes, I knew she had a daughter. :smile:
  4. That woman is a freak of nature. Gorgeous.
  5. *jaw drops* Not to be mean, but when I clicked on the first link, I thought the mother was on the left...... wow. She looks SO young.
  6. She was on The Cosby Show in its first season.

    Hmm. I'm not sure why it's not playing, but go forward to 5:39 in the video.
  7. Flawless is right!! She is simply stunning, super gorgeous, and doesn't look to be anywhere near 57.
    iman.jpg iman2.jpg iman3.jpg
  8. I love how happy Iman and Bowie are together. I remember seeing them on a chat show a few years ago...Bowie was the first guest and he looked positively thrilled and proud when Iman walked out. He got up right away to give her his seat.

    I finally saw a photo of their daughter Lexi; she's gorgeous!
  9. she looks great but she should go with a darker hair color.
  10. It looks like a wig so it could be done in about 10secs.
    Her skin is too die for and her body ain't bad either.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. That is still gorgeous.
  13. The BADDEST bish. Her and Naomi.

  14. You a trip :lol: