Imagine you’re a “millionaire” ….

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  1. Imagine you’re a “millionaire” ….

    If money is No issue … Or even if “Genii” came out you And Say: “Wish for any ten bags you want & you’ll have them all NOW “…

    What will you get? Any TEN bags you want …. What’s the first ten bags that comes to your Mind

    I’ll start ….
    Genii …Genii …abreka dabreka …I wish for ….mmmmm…

    - TWO Hermes Birkin Ostrich 30 cm bag
    - One crocodile Hermes Birkin 30 cm bag
    - One Lizard Hermes Birkin 30 cm bag
    - One YSL downtown Ostrich
    - One Chanel Flab Bag
    - One Nancy Gonzalez crocodile clutch
    - One Carlos Falchi Ostrich bag
    - One Devi Kroell Crocodile medium classic hobo
    - OneDevi Kroell python Long classic hobo

    Ooooops I wish that becomes True :shame:…….Day dreaming …:sweatdrop:.

    Note : Post pic of my Wish list – Not necessary the same color

    What will you command “Genii “….
    2006111649693.jpg IMG_0375.JPG Roxane-violine_ostrich.jpg g25.jpg
  2. the rest of the bags
    035.jpg classic%20long%20python%20black%20anthracite.jpg Jumbo blue fonce caviar leather.jpg Ostrich%20Downtown.jpg NMV042V_mn.jpg
  3. Hermes JPG in red and black
    Bottega Veneta pyramid hobo in brown
    And every Rebecca Minkoff bag known to man
  4. Wow, that is really hard. I'll have to do some serious soul searching and get back to you!
  5. You know what? I'm having a tough time picking just one bag at the moment, I doubt I could do ten. Seriously, I'm 'off' everything at the moment.
  6. guys just say the first Ten bags that comes to your mind , don't think alot ...

    Now because I'm thinking ,, I want to change something & I'm thinking of LV & Bottega way didn't I ask for it tooo ... hehehhe can't say enough to Bags

    JUST say the first ten bags u want ... genii will not stay long ... hmmm
  7. Lets Have FUN ... I'm sooo curious to know your wish
  8. Wow. This is a research project. I will have to come back after I've thought some more. I never had the option of buying 10 bags of any price before, LOL. Love the question!

    But my early thoughts are that I would want two or three of the Prada Glace bags, including a gorgeous patent degrade clutch I saw awhile back at Saks. Then I would get a Marc Jacobs Stam and an Ines. And, of course two Mcqueen Elvie bags. One in red and one in black

    Also, as GUNG alluded to, I want all the Rebecca Minkoff bags. Can I buy $5,000 worth of Rebecca Minkoff instead of one Hermes? And then buy nine more bags? LOL!

    I will return with a more organized list :biggrin:
  9. ok, the first 10 bags that pop in my head:

    1. LV Mahina in the small size (coming out later this year)
    2. Rebecca Minkoff Nikki
    3. LAMB Jacquard Jen
    4. Balenciaga First or Day in a green color
    5. Balenciaga First or Day in black
    6. LV Mirage Speedy in Noir
    7. Something from LV Suhali line
    8. Chanel Baby Cabas in black
    9. Goyard Fiji in black
    10. Goyard Croisiere 35 in green

    Well I guess that wasn't so hard after all!
  10. I miss one pic ...
    here it is

  11. "Knasarae" nice taste ... specailly Balenciaga, Rebecca Minkoff Nikki & Chanel Baby Cabas...
  12. 10 is too many for me. . . I am not a collector. . . .
    If money were no object I'd probably buy:
    a couple of Chanel Classic Flaps or Reissues in grey & red
    Python Chanel Flap - like Maxter & Larkies:love:
    a few carry on luggage LV pieces
    Chanel Shapei Flap like Jill's new one
  13. 1. Balenciaga rouge city or twiggy
    2. Chanel baby cabas - black
    3. Hermes Birkin - black croc
    4. Gucci Guccisimma large black horsebit hobo
    5. Bottega Veneta veneta hobo
    6. YSL medium tribute
    7. LV Damier Azur speedy 30
    8. Rebecca Minkoff MAM in wine
    9. Chanel pink flap
    10. Marc Jacobs stam in blue

    ...whew. That was kind of cathartic. lol
  14. Wow! I like your list! You must like exotics! ;)
  15. 1. Hermes 35 CM Black Croc Birkin
    2. Hermes 35 CM Fuschia Birkin - leather ???
    3. Chanel Black Baby Cabas
    4. Chanel all Black "Olsens" Bag
    5. Chanel Black Paris Biarritz Croc Tote
    6. Chanel Python "Cerf" Tote
    7. Tod's D Bag - new sparkly ivory color I saw in the window of Boutique
    8. Bottega Venta Red/Carmino? Tote
    9. Balenciaga Violet City
    10. Men's Black Prada Duffle Bag - to use for carry on luggage