Imagine by Vince Camuto?

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  1. Anyone have any of these shoes? What do you think of them? I found a pair of flat boots that I really like at Bloomies but I don't know much about this brand. Any thoughts?:confused1:
  2. Just bumping this up. Anyone?
  3. Hmm, not sure if i can help, but for a while i was seriously considering getting their Pota boot. It seemed pretty high quality, so I would trust them...:shrugs:
  4. I'm curious about this designer as well--I have seen several pairs of pumps that I like, just hesitant to buy without knowing anything about the quality.
  5. I knew I came here for a reason :smile: I honestly cannot say enough good things about Vince Camuto! I own several shoes, and they are the most confortable shoes I have ever purchased. Great quality, so comfortable. However, I do find they run a little bit small!
  6. Interesting fact, I have a pair of boots by Vince Camuto (multiple family members and friends of mine purchased these after trying mine on!) and I noticed the design was a bit Tory Burch-eque. Turns out Camuto is/was a designer for Tory Burch.
  7. Oh awesome! That totally makes sense though now that I think about it :smile:
  8. I have a pair of flats of his and they're super comfy.
  9. I have two pair of Vince Camuto boots, and they are comfy and nice. One is leather sole, and the other is not. So I guess just check on that first. They are very reasonably priced. One pair of boots ran small, and the other TTS.
  10. I think it doesn't make sense to reply to the original thread anymore as it's from 2006... The OP probably found the boots she was looking for, or moved on to something else...