Imagine Buying A Salad & Finding This !

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Poor little fwoggy...
  3. :wtf: Was it still alive??

    Who found that? OMG...GROSS!!
  4. Oh, god. I might possibly never buy bagged salad greens again. I HATE frogs. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  5. awwwww cute little fwoggy! quick, someone set it free!

    i'm not surprised that it survived, i'm sure it just ate lettuce, and those bags are designed to breathe a bit to keep the lettuce fresh, so voila! live fwoggy!
  6. :nuts:. I would have been traumatized. I'm pretty much afraid of everything.

  7. Sorry caxe. But I felt the need to post the news as soon as possible while it was still fresh. :s
  8. I read somewhere that its actually legal and FDA approved to have "no more than 4 grasshoppers" per cereal box.
  9. aw, the first froggy is cute!

    though i'm sure if i actually found it in MY lettuce, i wouldn't be saying "oh, how cute...". but that's beyond the point.
  10. :wtf:
  11. How cute!!! long as he is not in my bag of greens.

  12. LOL...No problem. But I think I will just buy heads of lettuce from now on. Thanks for the post,'s actually kind of funny in a way!

    It's weird that stuff keeps coming up in bagged salad. Seems like there was an ecoli scare involving packaged lettuce a short while back...
  13. Hmmm...on second thought, what if the frog was "supposed" to be there. You know, kind of like the worm in the tequila...
  14. ^ ha! Or those salad kits that come with chicken? Mmm, frog legs...

  15. Sure is......ready for dressing.:push:

    OT: Hi baby Juila....waving :nuts::heart: