Imageshack and eBay?

  1. lol, after over 7 years of buying I've finally decided to try the selling side as well :p

    So of course, I'm directly running into some problems and have a couple of questions regarding adding pictures.

    First of all, is it even allowed to use any picture host page for your eBay listing to not have to pay the picture fees? :confused1:

    Secondly: How do you do it? I must be too stupid :shame: I tried uploading pictures with Imageshack, but I don't know what format I have to paste into my listing :push: I tried adding all of them, but they all only show up as URL?! What am I doing wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA! :flowers:
  2. nevermind, suddenly it worked :p
  3. I use a free image hosting site all the time for my eBay listings.

    I copy the code from the image site and then paste the link into the HTML option of my description. I think I've saved quite a lot by using this!