Images from News Stories in Up to The Minute

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  1. Since the introduction of the image restrictions it is no longer possible to post items in Up to The Minute subforum with the pics that are contained in the article with a simple cut & paste. If we have to copy the image into, say Photobucket, then copy the image from there into the post, what are the legal issues about copyright?

    I hate posting an article and then seeing my details in the code behind the image as it is not my image and don't want to breach copyright...KWIM?
  2. I know what you mean. I just post the article with no photo, since people have access to the photo via the link. [BTW: I enjoy reading the articles you post. Thanks for doing that.]
  3. You could just save the image to your desktop, and add it as an attachment.

    But let me see if Vlad has a way around this :tup:
  4. Thanks karmenzsofia, I am sometimes not sure whether the stories I post are even worthy of being posted...I appreciate that you enjoy them.
  5. Thanks megs, I will try saving the image to the desktop.

    It would be great to be able to just cut & paste the whole story in one go as we have done previously, but if it can't be done then it doesn't matter. But thank you for looking into it for me though.
  6. Wow, I didnt know that wasnt allowed anymore. I'll look into the rules of posting again :angel:
  7. Just wanted to pop in and thank all the UTM regs for posting there! :tup: