Imagechic and paying with Western Union

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  1. I was interested in some of the things on and from my understanding, it is a reputable site for LV. But I see that the seller "interesthing" only accepts Western Union as payment. Should I be concerned? Has anyone on tPF bought anything from them using Western Union? Did you get your item?

    THanks a bunch! I've never used WEstern Union before and heard to stay away from those types of payments.
  2. I have never used Western Union but I would think a reputable place would take PayPal or credit cards like everybody else. Is it just me or does something not seem quite right?:thinking:Money is just lost if you send it Western Union right?
  3. Stay Far AWay!!!!
    if you western union, they get ur money and it is lost!
    paypal is more credible as it has to go through banks!
  4. That's what I thought! But I thought that was my poupette sellers. So why would they only allow Western Union? I did a search& it seems like some tPFs bought stuff from there & was pleased. Did they just recently change their payment policies?
  5. It's been changed for a while now, I want to say probably close to a year. They used to accept paypal, then stopped and switched to something else (can't think of the name now) and now they stopped all together.

    They're legit as far as I know, but I would be extremely hesitant if you are not in the same country as them, to purchase something and then use WU.
  6. They may be willing to accept BidPay because the buyer pays the fees. I would NOT pay western union. I passed on an item on their site because of that very reason. Each seller I think is able to specify forms of payment because I did see a seller a short while back accepting bidpay.
  7. I would not purchase from them.
  8. NEVER pay via western union. they take your money and run and there is nothing that can be done for you. use western union only for payment to places you have a LOT of trust in, like grandma or mom and dad.
  9. never. always use paypal...wht if u received fake LV?
  10. They got a store in Singapore, i don;t think they will take away the money and run away, See on their website :, they do accept credit card on store, and provide 0% interest Free installment via their local bank.

    Those who accept paypal also does not guranette you will received the authentic item, file a charge back also no point, as if the seller want to cheat you there are alot of ways to do that.

  11. Use Paypal also does not mean you will recieved authentic item, to me i only believe in buying item to those that are honest.

    Paypal only protect more on the buyer but not seller, you can write to anyone that facing problem with PP. See what they say.
    Maybe this will help :
  12. please read again the topic, I think did not read is true that Paypal does protect buyer only, because our member looking to buy smthing att and the seller does accept western is still better to use paypal in case you are receiving a fake item, the u can file a dispute...

    And from my Many experiences as buyers and sellers, paypal always benefits most from all other payment methods..
  13. In all honesty PayPal is almost just as risky for buyers. Especially outside of eBay.
    I have used PayPal since they launched their service and I know from experience that once you hit up with a dishonest seller, PayPal will do next to nothing to resolve the issue.

    Personal examples:

    1.) Bought a counterfeit storage card for my camera. Filed a claim (dispute) and after two weeks PayPal asks me to return the fake product to the seller, provide tracking, and they would issue the refund. Three months ago, product returned, no refund.

    2.) Paid 1000$ USD for a product. Seller never shipped and PayPal insulted me by being able to recover only .30 cent from the sellers account.

    Bottom line is, you can't trust any of these services, you can only trust in the reputation of the seller. Always be careful.
  14. OMG! That sucks about PayPal. I'm sorry JLM that that happened to you. $.30!!! Are they kidding???? Thanks everyone for your advice!