Image gallery?

  1. I searched and couldn't find anyone suggesting this, sooo....:p
    I think it would be crazy cool to be able to click a button and pull all of the images from a thread. I know that this is probably impossible to code and institute, but I find myself searching a thread of 100+ pages about a bag I'm thinking about purchasing in order to find the few images of people wearing them, etc.
    Is this just a pipe dream or something we can ask for? Seeing as Christmas/Hanukkah is just around the corner and all...
  2. You can already :yes:

    See the paperclip icon between the title and the post info? Click on it and it gives a list of all the photos.
    Picture 3.png
  3. OMG! Thank you- I never knew this. You're the best :ghi5:
  4. :cutesy:
  5. Can this be done on the mobile apps? (such as iPhone). I can see how to search & pull up threads, but not a paperclip icon that can be clicked to get all images.
  6. Was just wondering about this as well, as I mostly browse with iPad and some of my favourite threads are so full of off topic chatter that I'd prefer to check just the photos.

    Another question regarding opening the pics by clicking the paperclip: it would be really, really cool if the pics would be listed older last, newer first, as now they are in alphapetical order, so I have no idea what's new or which ones I have already seen. That's just impossible with hundreds of pics named "photo1" or "DNJPG46362728" :smile: if this rearranging is already possible, I would be ever so gratefull to hear how to do it, thank you :smile:
  7. Sorry! Was just testing to see if I can post and for the first time in a long time, the post went through!

    I wasn't expecting it to!! LOL
  8. Anyone, please? :smile: