Image display problem?? Anyone??

  1. Sorry guys, this is kinda off topic...

    Today I can't see images (the thumbnail previews) actually being displayed in a post. All I see are links to the image. It kinda bugs me because then I have to click each one open to see what it is. This never happened before. Both my work and home computers do this. So is it just me or everybody? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I noticed that too, maybe it saves bandwith or something?
  3. makes sense, but so inconvenient though!
  4. This was posted by Vlad.

    As of October 12th, I've turned off thumbnail previews of attachments. Our main server is taking a terrible beating during peak times, this way i am hoping to decrease the load significantly. Thanks for your understanding.

    If you still wish to upload pictures with thumbnails, I recommend to use a service like ImageShack® - Hosting.

    P.S. The unlimited image upload feature on tPF is still available as usual - only without thumbnail preview when inserting/attaching images to threads.
  5. :yes: :confused1:
  6. Yes that´s what I figured, no probs then.
  7. And questions of these nature belong in site feedback ! :yes:
  8. If the servers need a break, why can't the signature line option be nuked? I set my preferences not to display them when I signed onto the board because they clutter up the screen and it takes that much longer to load threads.Vlad, is this an option?

    Speaking for myself, I went NUTS yesterday trying to research some bags because of having to click every single picture link. There must be other things the forum can live without besides the display attachments option....
  9. As for now, this is unfortunately the only option for now - at least until we invest in some new hardware.

    Signatures will stay enabled, they don't add any additional stress to the servers at all. Users can choose to disable them by editing the option in their Control Panel, like you did.
  10. Sorry to have posted it at the wrong place....
    Coz LV is where I usually go...:P
  11. Bummer, is there I way we can help? A new server drive???
  12. Seriously, can we take up a collection for a new server? Hold a fundraiser?

    I understand the problem, but the posts in the "Your Bag Showcase" and the numerous "Reference Library" threads, in particular, really look like crap now, with either giant photos inserted or links to .jpg files..... It's too bad. Really cuts down on the viewability/enjoyment factor, in my personal opinion. :shrugs:

    tPF has 22,449 members, right? If maybe 1,000 of the most-devoted members chipped in $20 bucks a head, would that buy a new server?
  13. Today I will try to find out how to move the images to one of our other servers in order to re-enable the thumbnail preview. I'll keep you posted.
  14. ^Was just going to mention the same thing as rachelkitty. :confused1:

    Thanks Nina_LV for posting Vlad's answer.

  15. All hail King Vlad! :king:

    You KNOW it's your own fault! You spoiled us all rotten with these nifty features. Now we're all going to whine when they disappear. :blah:

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: