imac or macbook air? or sony?

  1. Hi girls.

    I got around $2000 budget for a computer. I am currently using Macbook and I will be moving to australia in 2 months time. I will surely take my macbook with me.

    Just wonder if i am going to buy another computer. .. which one i should go for.
    1. macbook air.. light version of macbook. might be convenience to use outdoor.
    2. sony T series.. 1kg .. very light.. good to put into handbag
    3. imac.. use as desktop so I can have both laptop and desktop for my new home..

    Any opinion will be useful..
  2. I'm getting the MacBook Air for my birthday tomorrow. Only because its a lighter thing for me to carry when I travel around for work. AND its beautiful! :drool:
  3. I've been eying the MacBook - but then I read the following:

    To reduce the computer's size and weight, Apple omitted certain features long standard on its laptops. It is Apple's first notebook since the PowerBook 2400c without a built-in removable media drive.[1] Users may purchase an external USBSuperDrive, or use bundled Remote Disc software to access the optical drive of another computer.[2] It lacks a security slot[3] and an Ethernet port,[4] although a USB-to-Ethernet adapter may be purchased separately.[5] Some have complained about the omission of these features. n addition, the Macbook Air only offers a single USB port (several USB ports are standard on nearly all laptops today). The Macbook Air also offers no Cardbus or ExpressCard slots, both standard features in older and newer laptops, respectively.

    Think of how much you like your MacBook.

    Then just get the IMac.
  4. MACBOOK AIR...:heart::tup:
  5. i love my sony!
  6. That's why I'm going to pass on the Air. I need to have more than one USB port used at once. But I don't need to make a decision until my PowerBook G4 dies.
  7. I think i will go for imac.

    btw i almost have a heart attack.. the file system had a serious error before on "Document folder"... almost lost all the data.. lucky.. all fixed now.. ~
  8. BTW Chloe - make sure you have a purchase a firewire cable so you can transfer your data from your MacBook to your IMac.

    Congrats on your (potential) purchase.
  9. ^ Thanks! - I will make sure I do:biggrin:
  10. I've been an HP user for a few yrs now (have purchased both HP laptops and desktops) but I'm in the market for a new computer and I'm thinking about getting the iMac too!
  11. Sony! I have one from the CR series (the coloured ones) it's so pretty :biggrin:
  12. i'd say get an iMac. you already have a laptop you like and you're already using the Mac platform, so it might be nice to have something with a big, pretty screen to use at home. if you already have one of the 13" macbooks (since you didn't say macbook pro, that's what i'm assuming), i don't think you'd get a whole lot of extra use out of the air. and i wouldn't recommend the sony because i hate windows vista. it's what made me a mac user in the first place :smile:
  13. I would wait til the later generations of MacBook Air comes out. There's too many inconveniences with this one that I think someone posted up there. Get a desktop, so you can have laptop and desktop! :smile:
  14. I'd stick with mac's only because i cant stand viruses and spyware. My laptop always ends up with a bunch of spyware and its more than annoying.
  15. iMac would be my choice since the Mac book Air... well.. isnt really a strong machine...

    If you plan to get a Mac book Air, i'ts better to just get a Mac book Pro which is more powerful overall :smile: